Blurring the line between Game of Thrones costumes and runway fashion.

Game of Thrones may take place in a pseudo-medieval setting, but its costumes are surprisingly timeless. Curated by Game of Thrones fan Zana Bayne, Tumblr account GoT Runway matches real-world fashion photos with costumes from the show, giving us a handy guide to the possible couture inspirations behind the styles of Westeros. 

While GoT Runway would be an excellent resource for cosplayers with a budget north of $10,000 per outfit, it mostly offers insight into the similarities between present-day fashion and the supposedly medieval styles we see on the show. For example, Joffrey Baratheon and his mother Cersei might look like the height of historical glamour, but they could very easily be dressed in 21st century Alexander McQueen… [READ MORE]