With the help of Black Betha, a number of advantageous betrothals were made and celebrated in 237 AC whilst Aegon’s children were still young. Had the marriages taken place, much good might have come of them… but His Grace had failed to account for the willfulness of his own blood. Betha Blackwood’s children proved to be as stubborn as their mother, and like their father, chose to follow their hearts when choosing mates.

Aegon V and Betha Blackwood’s children’s marriages (requested by poorshadowspaintedqueens)

Gemma Arterton as the unnamed Baratheon bride, Eloise Oliver as Jenny of Oldstones, Rachel Evan Wood as Celia Tully, Charlie Carrick as Luthor Tyrell, Perdita Weeks as Olenna Redwyne, Sarah Gadon as Rhaelle Targaryen, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Ormund Baratheon


Willas is heir to Highgarden, and by all reports a mild and courtly young man, fond of reading books and looking at the stars. He has a passion for breeding animals as well, and owns the finest hounds, hawks, and horses in the Seven Kingdoms.

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