Go To Hell Pants

The common story is that “Go To Hell” pants are so named for the go-to-hell attitude that they convey, but I like to think that it stems from telling off sarcastic passersby: “Nice pants, buddy!”

In either case, you really want to tone down the rest of your outfit when you’re working with a patterned pant. It will keep you from appearing garish, but more importantly, it will allow the pants to take the spotlight. You don’t want anything to detract from a focal piece like this. As such, the shirt, tie, and cardigan are all kept clean and simple. They establish a solid foundation on which to rest a bold, geometric pattern. A matched belt and shoe will pull together any look, and here they add a touch of colour. The polka-dot socks play out just a hint of pattern-on-pattern fun, while solidifying the navy-and-white colour palate.

And there you have it: Crazy pants worn like a sane person.

Photos by CPRPT