“Avrei potuto mandarlo al diavolo e cercare una vita più semplice.
Avrei potuto, invece l’ho preso per mano.
Tanto ci saremmo mancati, tanto ci desideravamo ancora, tanto a volte bisogna rimboccarsi le maniche e salvarli, certi amori.”

- Susanna Casciani

So the Westboro baptist church wants to go to Glasgow and picket outside of the pub that the hellicopter crashed into. Scotland is trying to do everything they can to stop it. I say let them. Because if I know anything at all about Glasgow, its that every single one of those vile people out there picketing would end up in hospital in about five minutes flat. If people in glasgow have no issue kicking the crap out of a burning terrorist who tried to blow up the airport, I doubt they’ll have an issue beating you over the head with your bloody picket signs.
The end.

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As a french feminist, how am I suppose to continue to agree with the tumblr SJ community when I have faced their ignorance, uneducation, incapacity to search for basic sources, incapacity to simply listen to the people who are directly living the situation and most of all the incapacity to admit they were wrong when every french blogger give them sources and explanations?

I am not going to blindly follow people who can’t even search for sources. You all have the “scientific rigor” of 10y old crybabies. You disgust me.