gotnorman  asked:

Thank you so much for posting pictures, videos and gifs for the guys in Japan. I had been super depressed lately and seeing them made me so happy. I just love your blog. Happy holidays!

So glad you enjoyed them!!! And they made you feel better<3 Aww thank you for the lovely message, and hope you have happy holidays full of love and smiles! xoxo
P.S. Your icon is one of my fave pictures aww<3

     The story takes place in a slightly altered Walking Dead universe. It is about an unlikely romance between Rick Grimes and a young woman, Miranda, that he helps rescue from the CDC. But their relationship will have to overcome larger barriers than the ongoing zombie apocalypse. Can Rick learn to love Randi at the end of the world? Will Randi allow herself to heal and move forward with Rick?   

Based on a concept from SPF-IrishSexGod

First chapter will be released December 20th @ Pathogen Fan Fiction