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Haii. Your blog is so beautiful. I'm new to Tumblr. Can you suggest me some httyd blogs I can follow please?

Hey friend! Thank you and welcome to this beautiful place! :D

Aha great question! It’s always important to know who follow when you’re new in a fandom :)

So I will put some HTTYD blogs I follow per classes:

Firstly, you’ve to follow HTTYD official blog @howtotrainyourdragon​ of course!

Then, if you want to see beautiful HTTYD gifs from your favourite show, you should follow @graphrofberk @fankakm @lutavero @dragonlover7860 @dragonlovertr @odair-hofferson @httydofdreamworks @berkedits @astrid-gifs and @queenelinor!

As to the HTTYD quotes, you should give a look at @justgotawesome‘s blog (contains also gifs)

Regarding HTTYD fanarts, there are a lot of persons you should follow: @leffie-draws-fanart @emmalennyeddie @avannak @jennis41digsdragons @wave-artworks-fanarts @snowprincess-artist @bgsdragons and @raide-draws-fanart!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing amazing HTTYD videos, you should watch @22craftgirl and @littlehttydthings!

In their own category, you’ve @tarched and @nightofthefury-3d who create HTTYD animation!

Besides, you have a lot of beautiful writers to follow, their HTTYD fanfictions are amazing: @e–wills @astrxd @chiefhiccstrid @avannak @astridthevalkyrie and @fanwriter02!

Also, you need to follow our fandom wise @kingofthewilderwest who does incredible HTTYD analysis and who is truly a beautiful person!

And if you just want to follow amazing people added to this list, there are: @hello-em75 who does amazing appreciation post and always manages to reunite the fandom together like @angies-team does too! You’ve @the-fanaddict who posts some livestreams I enjoy to see, @crazy4dragons who thinks about interesting HTTYD headcanons and @astridthefearless that always does amazing posts by pointing things we didn’t see in the shows! 

Added to that, if you’re a Hiccstrid shipper, you should follow @dailyhiccstrid and @hiccstridsource :)

I probably forget some other blogs but I don’t know everybody on this fandom and it’s up to you to discover many others HTTYD blogs! Have a nice experience in our fandom! I hope you’ll find amazing people as I did!

“I love you”

Hey HTTYD fandom!

I was thinking about something we discussed on the french community thanks to a fan who noticed this in my fiction.

So the subject is about Hiccup and Astrid of course but the point is: they never said “I love you” to each other. In my fiction, it was natural to me to put Hiccup or either Astrid in saying “I love you” to one other.

But the fact is that we never heard them say “I love you” to each other in the movies or the serie. The fan said that he found beautiful that they don’t say it in the viking world.

So my question is: What the fans feel about it? Do you agree? 

Please tell me! I really want the fandom to discuss that! And if that doesn’t bother you to hear Hiccup and Astrid said it, when do you think they will say it? 

As to me, I should say that I’m divided hehe :D I agree to the point it’s beautiful to see that they don’t need to say it to know it but at the same time I would love a romantic moment in RTTE season 5 or 6 in wich we see Hiccup tells Astrid that he loves her :3

So what’s your opinion? @fanwriter02 @wave-artworks-fanarts @lissanfuryeye @hello-em75 @leffie-reblogs @tarched @meaguieamamiya @httydofdreamworks @22craftgirl @chiefhiccstrid @astridthevalkyrie @odair-hofferson @astridhofferson4 @rosehimelove @nightfurylover1112 @graphrofberk @martabm90… And all others!!