“I love you”

Hey HTTYD fandom!

I was thinking about something we discussed on the french community thanks to a fan who noticed this in my fiction.

So the subject is about Hiccup and Astrid of course but the point is: they never said “I love you” to each other. In my fiction, it was natural to me to put Hiccup or either Astrid in saying “I love you” to one other.

But the fact is that we never heard them say “I love you” to each other in the movies or the serie. The fan said that he found beautiful that they don’t say it in the viking world.

So my question is: What the fans feel about it? Do you agree? 

Please tell me! I really want the fandom to discuss that! And if that doesn’t bother you to hear Hiccup and Astrid said it, when do you think they will say it? 

As to me, I should say that I’m divided hehe :D I agree to the point it’s beautiful to see that they don’t need to say it to know it but at the same time I would love a romantic moment in RTTE season 5 or 6 in wich we see Hiccup tells Astrid that he loves her :3

So what’s your opinion? @fanwriter02 @wave-artworks-fanarts @lissanfuryeye @hello-em75 @leffie-reblogs @tarched @meaguieamamiya @httydofdreamworks @22craftgirl @chiefhiccstrid @astridthevalkyrie @odair-hofferson @astridhofferson4 @rosehimelove @nightfurylover1112 @graphrofberk @martabm90… And all others!!

Favourite Hiccstrid Quote

Hey guys!

Since June is so far away, we thought we should do something together so the blog won’t be dead and you could have some fun too. :)

Send us your favorite Hiccstrid quote! 

It can be from the movies, short films, TV series or canon comic books(Serpent’s Heir). 

I’ll set up a poll next weekend and then it’ll be up to you!  :)

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