gotme monologuing

  s o o o o o    here  it  is  ! !      A little while overdue, and not nearly as extravagant as I
  was      planning.           You      know,      when     I     first     started     Phillip     as     a
  secondary   account, I  never  expected  that  I would  develop   this  much  muse.  I’ve
  made such  wonderful friends that I could spend   hours   gushing about,        and have
  met    some   of     the     most      FANTASTIC      writers    ever.          I’m  privileged to
  be even acknowledged in my portrayal of this nerd prince!!      I    started   this  account
  with     the     intention     of     reminding     people     about     the         MAGIC          of  
  Classic     Disney,                but I never knew you guys would be reminding me just how
  GREAT    people    can    be.      You    know?        Like   I   can’t   be   amazed   enough.

                                                                       ♡ ♡ ♡ aqssa

   As     a     small,    small     token     of     my     thanks,    here’s   this     giveaway  !!!
   There’ll  be          TWO WINNERS         chosen  randomly  who  will  receive either
   1 full sketch or 2 mini (more rough) sketches of whatever they choose!    Some    small
   examples    are    here:

R U L E S  a r e   s i m p l e   !  !

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         This  will  end  July 5th,  2015  at  12  AM  EST  ! !

B I A S    L I S T (continued under the cut)

   WITH A DISTINCTION!   For my buds Katy ( asundrop & xbastion ) and Al ( ababwa )
   who’ve been with me on tumblr rp since day ONE,     and who I literally would not be
   writing without.     You guys mean everything to me, but I tell you that enough for you
   both to know.     We’ve been through SO MUCH! these past two and a half years and
   I can’t imagine a second of it without you both   ! !   I love you two so, so, sooo much.

also s/o to disneyismyescape !! not a rp blog but literally my fav disney blog ever and who has an appreciation for sleeping beauty  i wish more ppl had !! im v happy we’re mutuals EwE

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