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asoiaf/got meme >> one queen >> Sansa Stark

Queen Sansa Stark won her crown by ending the fighting that the War of the Five Kings caused. After finding her sister Arya, the Starks gathered King Robb’s former armies and bannermen and began their march to Winterfell. While Lady Arya led the armies, Queen Sansa gained allies throughout the kingdom during their march due to her unfailing kindness and courtesy. Queen Sansa’s former husband Tyrion came to her and aided her armies in battle strategies. Her friend and ally Margaery Tyrell convinced her family’s bannermen to fight for Queen Sansa, and when they reached Winterfell the Starks’ massive army defeated the pretenders ruling there. Queen Sansa’s rule has been blessed with good harvest and peace throughout the kingdom.

Signs of life

I’m still alive, and still hoping to release a GotM this month. So far I’ve just played around with blender a bit, but that was last week! Real Life™ is not very accommodating when it comes to post-work research and development, these days.

Oh well. In other news, I’m trying to decide whether to use FastSpring or BMTMicro for online sales. I’m also considering TryMedia for DRM (hopefully it’s light) in case the sales service I choose doesn’t do DRM. I’m hoping to just have a serial protection (I’m not concerned about piracy).

Any suggestions or advice?

Hopefully I’ll be able to do a two-week dev of Zappers 2. It might not be fully polished though, but it’s a start.


It’s September 26th. I had planned to post that I took a week off so I could settle my work, and that I had now returned to marathon-dev Zappers 2, but then I had an epiphany.

For the month so far I have written 0 lines of code for any GotM, and all I’ve really done is just one hurried concept painting for next month’s GotM. Does it make sense to rush through the development of a game in 5 days? Nope.

So I’ve decided to take these last 5 days to play around with Irrlicht a bit and settle down. Then, I’ll do Zappers 2 for October (or maybe not since I don’t actually need to make it for use in October anymore [long story]).

This way, I can do an actual month of work instead of half a month of work instead of half a month of seeing where my feet are, then half of trial-and-error quick-and-dirty work.

Maybe, there might be some animation or something for the end of the month (makes sense, since it can also be a Project of the Month, or Whatever of the Month if I so desire), but no promises.

Re-realization of purpose...

It’s the weekend. I’m done with work for the week, and I’m not yet ready to start on pre-work-week tasks (correcting exams, etc). I want to code.

I can’t continue with my TUAG coding because that’s complicated, and I’ve all but forgotten how exactly the various algorithms work together. It also don’t have the brain power to continue where I left off with the latest feature. I need a small, easy-to-get-into project. A Game of the Month.

This dilemma reminds me of why I wanted to do this GotM thing in the first place. It’s not for the sake of making a game a month per se. It’s more because I want to keep my mind occupied, without bursting my brain on complicated concepts, while still not just wasting time with anime, youtube, tech vids, or whatever. I want to be constructive, but I don’t want to work seriously.

I’m not going to suddenly start a GotM because of my coding urges though, those will pass after all. But it would be nice to have a framework where I can just throw together some sprites, add some code, and make a quick action game, just for the sake of it. I could probably try out some new design concepts. If I had the NT AI system up and running, I could even try out some new AI features, before putting them in a real project, like TUAG (or True Mercenaries *working title*).

That’s what I hope to have for the future, though. A simple framework where I have some art assets for placeholders, the boilerplate game code, etc, and I can just start, or continue, a project for an hour or so. No warm up, no research, no boring getting-started stuff. Maybe I wish I could design in my free time?

Time will tell…

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