i see fire ~ a jon&dany fanmix

↳ he lifts his eyes above the frozen, bloodied battlefield as he hears a thunderous roar, louder than the screams of his brothers and the clashes of their swords, louder than the Others and their ghoulish murmurs, louder than his own breaths and the beating of his heart. and all he sees is f i r e.

ed sheeran - i see fire {and if the night is burning i will cover my eyes} ; lana del rey - once upon a dream {i know you, i walked with you once upon a dream} ; the glitch mob - between two points {the shortest distance between two points is the line from me to you} ; msmr - dark doo wop {as long as we’re going down maybe you should stick around} ; florence + the machine - howl {If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me} ; daughter - winter {and we were in flames, i needed you} ; sanders bohlke - the weight of us {the time has come, let us be brave} ; christina perri - distance {how long till we call this love} ; imagine dragons - bleeding out {with the darkness fed, i will be your scarecrow} ; 30 seconds to mars - kings and queens {we were the kings and queens of promise} ; snow patrol - i won’t let you go {i won’t let you go, so don’t let go of me} ; carrie underwood - there’s a place for us {a world where you and I belong, where faith and love will keep us strong}



He saw her walk towards him while a man, who stood behind her, kept saying some words..Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Drago… Meaningless words. All of the sudden, she was in front of him. Beautiful as the morning sunlight. Then he remembered: Robb was always better with girls. He would’ve liked her. Jon smiled softly, and bent his knee.” (x)


Jon & Daenerys ► The Rebirth

(by ivanacincur)