Big Hoodoo’s first performance GOTJ 2013


Legz Diamond & The Purple Gang- “Made Man” LIVE at The Gathering 2013. Kind of a spooky performance, awesome!

I’ve been hand-sewing for over a month now, and still not done. I work on them between the four hours of commute between my job and home. I have two more outfits to finish . I knew that this was going to be my summer of that. In August I’ll be at the Gathering, rocking all three finished outfits. This Pride parade, I’ll be prancing around in one of them!

Can’t wait to see you all! :D 


Just touched down back in PA.

Really hype to be coming home soon. I actually have an extra day off, which means I’ll be indulging in the editing of the photo insanity so we can get like, a decent wave of photos for you guys. Warning that a lot of it is NSFW (Not safe for work.) Today I get to see my best friend who I haven’t seen since my birthday of last year. 

And we’re gonna have Philly Cheesesteaks which i’ve never had before, so that’s exciting! Philly food from Philly! I feel like I’ve been repeating myself in these posts. (Sorry and shit) but yeah, can’t wait to be home and talk to you guys. So many of you have been asking me questions and I hope that I’ve gotten back to most of you. I’ve been doing my best.