commission wip, inks and starting color

a friend at school wanted daenerys * w *///// her face is super wonky but it’s going well! unfortunatly it was drawn on normal sketch paper so no watercolors.

house williams was sworn to the greyjoys after the first king reigned

our words are “your fear our strength” and our sigil is a tentecle wrapped around an axe

im quite nice (for a iron islander) until I notice your gold and cut off your fingers for the rings u w u///

favorite weapon is an axe because i’m slow but steady and enjoy the sound of severing limbs

since goergia is a tyrell i call her ‘little rose’ and she says at one point 'even roses have thorns’ and turns out she has a knife tied to her leg (that she knows how to use quite well)

because eff yeah

omg alex

you stayed at winterfell

and i traveled w theon when he went to claim it and was like

oh hey look at this cutie and take you on as a little companion and get you to sharpen my axe and tell the other sailors to lay off

you have no idea how i got all the gold around my neck