Fallout 4 GOTY

>November 10th 9am
>Todd Howard gets out of his house ready to go to work
>He’s greeted by an angry mob
>The mob limps angrily towards him
>In their hands are Apple Devices trying to run Fallout Shelter
>As the game crashes for the 73rd time the mob lets out a hiss of anger
>Android users stand there in anger as the game still isn’t available
>Todd Howard stands calmly as the mob draws closer
>Out of his inventory he pulls out the Rock-It-Launcher
>He begins firing copies of Fallout 4 into the crowd
>As soon as the game hits their skin they die of dopamine overdose
>Soon Todd Howard is standing at the top of a pile of corpses with copies of Fallout 4 shattered everywhere
>Todd looks to the skies
>He screams “ARE YOU PROUD OF ME NOW?”
>Interplay’s logo suddenly appears from the sky
>It sends a purifying beam of light shining down on Todd
>Todd bathes in this cleansing light
>Money then begins raining from the sky
>Todd begins making cash-angels on the ground with the money
>A new text then appears in the sky
>“Game of the Year”
>A single tear roles down the cheek of Todd’s face.

  • gammer:this cute thing???? its marketing. its pandering. its shilling and youre falling for it and it looks like shit anyway-
  • *by the books hack and slash game has girl with big boob*

Jeff’s rendition of It’s Tricky from last year’s GotY videos

anonymous asked:

Is any of the F3 DLC worth playing? I've only ever played Broken Steel (so I could continue the game after that ending) and I was wondering if it was worth it to get the GOTY Edition

Yes, Point Lookout is pretty amazing. The Pitt is good too, but Operation Anchorage can be ignored if your buying them one by one. I’d say get the GOTY edition if you got the money to spare!