One Piece Chapter 825 Spoilers

Cover: The Sky Island of Weatheria

Title: The Illustrated Story in “The World”

Vito reveals the tale behind “Germa 66″

Germa 66 were a demonic army who clashed with the marines and based on their various confrontations the Navy created famous stories regarding the “Heroes” of the Navy. 

It was an Illustrated Story published in “The World” (An International Newspaper) 

“The brave warrior of the sea who could walk on top of the sea named “Sora” and the ROBO alliance and Kanome duked it out with the demonic army Germa 66″

There are fans of the story all over world!

Essentially it was a tale that was made to brainwash the kids with the Navy ideology.

Sanji is connected to them.

An assassin from the Capone’s crew named Goti is angry at Sanji and even Vito can’t stop him.

Lola (From Thriller Bark) appears and scolds Goti for his actions. Even he can’t escape her wrath.

Out on the Sea:

Luffy and co have no food. They’re suffering from starvation.

Luffy, Pedro, Chopper and Brook decide to go and fish for food. 

Out appears a huge fish that they manage to capture.

Luffy can’t hold back and is wants to dig in straight away. Chopper goes after Sanji’s cookbooks and looks into how to prepare the fish. Luffy has already begun to eat it before everyone else.

Everyone is satisfied with fish but Luffy has been ‘poisoned’ by eating the fish before preparations and is out cold.

The rest of the crew are looking to make their way through Big Moms territory when Pekoms explains why ships on her waters never make it through without her say.

Under the sea, there are telepathic sea creatures which send signals to Big Mom’s ships if there are unidentified ships on Big Mom’s waters.

Out of the mist ahead appears a huge ship belonging to Germa 66. In the ship, a guy with a curly eyebrow observes with a threatening look at the Sunny!


No chapter in the following issue. OP returns in Issue 25




Second stage is also really good, Boss is fucking CRUSHINGLY hard but I beat him.

Jesus christ, with some polish? This’ll be GOTY whatever year it releases in.


Nier: Automata GOTY confirmed

I’m sad the fad for ironic simulator games has sort of gone

because I had some great ideas:

  • Sturgeon Simulator - a two player asymmetric game where one player takes the role of a fish (specifically a sturgeon) and scores fishy points for swimming, breathing water instead of air and other general fish things. The other player plays Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland and tries to lead her country to success. There is no player interaction.
  • The Sims Simulator - A game that simulates playing the sims, although a less interactive version. Watch your sims have somewhat predictable lives as they interact with a cast of characters you’ll grow to know and love. It turns out that the whole game is actually just a VHS rip of a Friends marathon dubbed over in Simlish.
  • Handbag Simulator - Create and customise your character from a massive range of options, and then rifle through a procedurally generated handbag. Will you find a packet of tissues, a lipstick, or even a mobile phone? GOTY edition comes bundled with exclusive battered second hand book DLC.
  • Handbag Simulator 2 - Exactly the same as the first game, but with an easter egg where you can climb into the handbag and enter into a 60-hour fantasy RPG. Critically panned.
  • Hangover Simulator - When you purchase this game, a group of technicians come to your house, put you in a harness and hang you over a pit of venomous snakes, slowly lowering you until you agree to buy a season pass.

dinga bakaba said something really interesting– that dishonored 2 isn’t attacking other games, it’s attacking its OWN game. their #1 interest is bettering themselves. arkane isn’t purposefully trying to one-up other games or looking to win goty. they’re genuinely just trying to put out the best game possible for their audience and themselves and that’s just, so genuine and refreshing and good 


“Buy my book” 

A has been published on GamersFTW

A has been published on GamersFTW - - It’s been near-enough a whole year since Project Cars release, and to celebrate Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios have now released Project Cars: Game of the Year Edition.
Now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC (costing £35.99/$39.99), the GOTY Edition of Project Cars brings 50+ new ca… #News, #PC, #PS4, #Trailers, #XboxOne

Sindire sindire okuduğum bir kitaptı.İçinde o kadar çok kavrama ve temaya değinmiş ki bu da eserin başarılı olduğunun bir göstergesi.

Kurgu yönünden de harikuladeydi.Şimdiye kadar karşılaşmadığım bir kurguyla karşı karşıyaydım bu yüzden de ayrı bir yer edindi bende.Önsözü yazan Victor Goti’yi kitabı biterene dek herhangi bir yazar olarak sanmıştım ama kitabın sonunda bu düşünem büsbütün değişti.Aslında düşünemin değişeceğine dair sinyalleri Unamunno’nun yazdığı -önsözün arkasından- kısımdan anlamıştım ama bunu kitabı kapattıktan sonra ancak idrak edebiliyorsunuz.Ayrıca kitabın sonuna yaklaştıkça kafanızdan vurulmuşa dönüyorsunuz çünkü yazar ve kahramanımız Augusto Perez bir araya geliyor ve ikiside birbirinin varlığını sorguluyor.Kitabın en sonunda da Perez’in köpeği Orpheus konuşturuluyor.Bu kurgu da eserin başarılı olduğunun bir göstergesidir.

Kitaptan çok fazla etkilenmemin bir diğer sebebi de;şu aralar kafamdaki soruların eserde de yer edinmesiydi(kafamdaki soruların bir kısmının cevaplarının bulamasamda bir yakınlık hissi uyandırdı).

Ben Miguel De Unamuno-Sis ile iyiki tanışmışım.Sizlerinde tanışmasını isterim.


Doom (id Software, 1993)



NOW 68

It may be hard to believe today, but in the beginning of 1993, first-person shooters just weren’t on most gamers’ radar. A few early examples, like LucasArts’ experimental The Eidolon, failed to find a mass audience. More recently, id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D had proven a hit, but first-person games were still mostly RPGs, and bestsellers were still mostly adventure, strategy, or platform games.

At the time, no one could’ve imagined that any other genre’s reign over the industry was doomed.

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GOTY 2016
Without a doubt
Now I’m canceling my preorders of Uncharted 4 for this :3

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Nicolas Hamilton ‘How sim racing saved my life’ Project Cars GOTY Teaser

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In a short film coming soon, Nicolas Hamilton confides his racing desire and his love to PROJECT CARS, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Slightly Mad reveal today a teaser for a short movie called “How sim racing saved my life”.

Nicolas Hamilton – consultant at Slightly Mad Studios – explains his racing experience in real life and in the virtual world. Sim racing allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming a racing driver; and now with the Game Of The Year Edition of Project CARS, players will be able to push themselves into new realms such as Virtual Reality and E-sport tournaments as they become part of the most authentic and technically-advanced racing game.

Check out the video here;


The complete experience of the best racing simulation of 2015, Project CARS Game of the Year Edition will hit stores on May 6th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.