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The last week of NOA’s “Winter Warm-up” sale are definitely, definitely the best. Pretty much everything on the list is gold! A couple of things you definitely shouldn’t miss, though: 2014 GOTY Fantasy Life for $28, Affordable Space Adventures for $14, and Earthbound for $7? Wow.


Qual o melhor jogo que você jogou em 2015? Estes são os cinco indicados na categoria ‘Melhor Jogo’ do Suco Awards:
01. Bloodborne
02. Ori and the Blind Forest
03. Splatoon
04. Toren
05. Xenoblade Chronicles X
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Nick Mulligan’s Top 6 Games of 2015

I’m back again, and it’s about time too, and this time, I’m like a month late, what the hell is up with that? Following up on my award-winning list from last year*, it’s my top 6 games that I played in 2015! It’s very important to note that these aren’t necessarily games that came out in 2015 (although most of them are), just games that I played through in 2015 and really liked! Naturally, before starting the actual list I have to list the honourable mentions!

*It did not win any awards. Not even from me.

Honourable Mentions:
Xenoblade Chronicles X, for being an awesome game that I’m not done yet, so it was disqualified.
The Swapper, for being a fun puzzle game that really punched me in the gut at the end.
Mother 3, Virtue’s Last Reward, and Baten Kaitos Origins, for being games that I absolutely adore but have played before and none of them were even new versions of those games.
EarthBound for being a game I didn’t actually play, but basically lived through Camp Fangamer, which was a surreal, amazing weekend.

6. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

After listing some games I didn’t play new versions of, here’s one I did play a new version of! I always loved the Hoenn games. I think part of it was definitely my age when they came out, by that point I was old enough to be starting to get an actual grasp on how to effectively train Pokémon, but I also just really like Hoenn, even with all of that water! There are so many cool places, they had a port town that felt like a real port, there’s a city made of giant tree houses, and a then there’s Sootopolis! So many of the environments are super cool, and the 3D engine introduced in X and Y does a great job of really bringing them to life. The music in Hoenn is really good and catchy too, and the new versions really do them justice and sound great! So far I’ve only been talking about the old stuff that was updated, but the new additions with these remakes are pretty awesome, especially Delta Episode. It was cool to have a good chunk of additional story content after beating the Elite Four, and it was some story content that brought some pretty crazy implications considering the franchise we’re talking about here. It also helped that all of the new music for Delta Episode was amazing.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear is a series I didn’t get into until a few years ago, but man did I ever get into it. The off-the-wall story had me hooked for each entry, but this is something that had me a little concerned during the wait for The Phantom Pain. Everything pre-release seemed to point towards a much more downplayed story, both in terms of density and zaniness. Once reviews started coming out, it felt like my fears were pretty much confirmed. That said, I still wanted to see how this presumably last entry played out, and in contrast with the story comments, everything pointed towards the gameplay being drastically better than the rest of the series. Having my expectations set before playing the game definitely put me in the right headspace, because man did I have a great time with this game. It starts off with a bang in a way that got me really excited for what was to follow. While the story certainly fell in line with what I had expected, what was there was not too bad, and I’m among those that appreciated the big final twist. Gameplay-wise, this is without question the best the series has ever played. The controls feel great and the more open areas definitely lend a different feel to the flow of gameplay. The buddy system is pretty fun, and while D-Horse stops feeling very useful pretty quick, they all have their own tools that make them a lot of fun to switch between. Also Quiet’s story was kinda cool but minus so many points for that frickin’ outfit.

4. Katamari Damacy

Yes, you read that right. It was not until the year 2015 that I played through Katamari Damacy for the first time. I feel like in order to properly convey my feelings on this game, I would have had to do a write-up pretty shortly after finishing it. It’s kind of clunky, later games in the series definitely improved upon the controls (I also played through Touch My Katamari last year), and it’s rough around the edges, but what it lacks there it more than makes up for in style and charm. Even though the controls are clunky, they still feel right in the context of this world set up by the game. The graphics hold up really well because of the style they went form, and combined with the fantastic music make this game exude charm in a way that very others have managed to achieve. Even though it’s only been about half a year since I played it, listening to the soundtrack fills me with a feeling of almost nostalgic fondness. Katamari Damacy is a very special game, and it really is a shame that I didn’t play it until last year.

3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter is yet another series I didn’t get into until recently, with the release of 3 Ultimate on the 3DS, but man did my friends and I get into it in a big way. There’s definitely a big learning curve, but once you get past that, the feeling of taking down a big monster is one of the most satisfying ones in video games. Compared to 3U, the graphics are marginally improved, slightly more so by playing on a New 3DS as I did. The gameplay is mostly the same, with a few changes. The mounting system added an extra level of depth to combat, bringing more verticality to the game, and the areas are set up in such a way that it feels neither forced or useless. My main weapon, the Switch Axe was left largely unchanged, with a couple extra attacks that give me some more options, which were appreciated. 4 also saw the introduction of a new weapon, the Charge Blade, which has become a new weapon that I quite enjoy using. It’s style of play is different enough from the Switch Axe, concentrating on quick sword attacks and shield play until you’ve charged up enough to deliver some devastating axe blows. I also appreciate the fact that the game skips out on a lot of the monsters introduced in the 3rd generation games, instead opting to include more monsters from the 1st and 2nd generation games that weren’t present in 3U, which all seem new to me, in addition to new monsters, most of which are pretty cool and fun to fight. Monster Hunter is a really fun series, and while there’s no question about there being quite the grind, the gameplay is satisfying enough that it’s really not so bad. With no English release in sight, the great time I’ve had with 3U and 4U has prompted me to pick up X during my stay in Japan.

2. The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D

Here were again, with another remake! Majora’s Mask is easily my favourite Zelda game. It’s so weird and unique in a way that most other Zelda games aren’t. There are so many different things about Majora’s Mask that I love. The eerie atmosphere, surrounding Termina, in spite of the seemingly cheery appearance of Clock Town and its inhabitants. All of these people, primarily those who are involved with the Bomber’s Notebook do a great job at making Termina feel more like a living, breathing place than Hyrule ever has. They all have their own schedules and problems, and by taking different actions you can affect their lives, sometimes in a number of different ways! This makes the sidequests in Majora’s Mask into something more than just ways to get new items, they’re something you want to invest yourself in because you actually want to see how you’ll be able to improve these people’s lives. On the subject of characters, Skull Kid certainly feels like a more human and realistic villain than most in the series. More of a personal thing that draws me to Majora’s Mask is the transformation masks. Getting to play as all of the different races is a lot of fun, and transformations in games are always something I’m super down with. The dungeons have generally good design, and fit well within the 3 day time frame, something that’s been improved upon with the 3DS version with the removal of temporary saves at most owl statues. The updated graphics also look great, adding a lot of colour and life across Termina, and the use of the touch screen for inventory is just as appreciated as it was in OoT3D. There are definitely a few little bumps with the version differences (I’m looking at you Zora swimming), but overall Majora’s Mask is as great as it always has been, and I would go so far as to say 3D is the definitive version.

1. Undertale

If you’ve talked to me since September, you saw this coming. Undertale is a game that became very special to me very quickly. It’s the only game that’s ever made me waver as to whether or not Mother 3 is my favourite game (I’m honestly still not sure at this point). The fact that that happened is certainly no surprise, considering the game has plenty of influence from the Mother series, having been made by Toby Fox, an oldbie over on (nice guy, I’ve met him a couple times). It’s worth noting that he made the game almost entirely on his own, only with help on the art and testing. It shares a similar style of humour, although tinged with a bit more of a modern feel, of someone who’s spent their fair share of time on the internet (but without the memery). The battle system is unique, using a shmup style mini-game for monster attacks, allowing you to avoid them if you can manage to, along with the fact that you can go through the entire game without killing anyone through clever use of various actions. Each of the bosses have their own twist on these basic mechanics, adding an extra layer of intensity and personality. Personality is definitely the name of the game here too, because all of the characters are bursting with it, whether it be the clueless but pure-hearted Papyrus, or the strength-obsessed warrior Undyne, they all bring something special to the table and demonstrate layers to their character. The fact that all of the characters are so individualized and well-written is integral to making the story work as well as it does. For me, Undertale had the same level of emotional impact as Mother 3, and this would have fallen flat had it not been for the great characters. The game also handles moral choice and the 4th wall in incredibly clever ways, and messes with your expectations in ways you would never guess. Did I mention the soundtrack is incredible? Because it’s really, really good. The game absolutely has some rough edges, figuring out how to spare certain enemies is a little obtuse, and some areas of the game are a little slow, but these pale in comparison to the greatness of the rest of the game. Undertale stands alongside Mother 3 by virtue of being the only games that have felt so solid as “video games” to me while also resonating with me on an extremely personal level. Undertale is without question my game of the year of 2015, and if there is any game I ever recommend that you decide to play, please make it this one.

so like when i play a lot of the noises are missing??? like when the pride demon landed on the ground there was no crashing sound? and it only roared once. 10/10, goty


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