If you want for that art request thing, if you’re sill doing that that is, maybe Aradia in like pastel goth attire if you want? Please and thank you!!!

1. PASTEL GOTH IS GREAT AND I WANT TO DRAW SO MUCH MORE THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS 2. I have lost most of my confidence that this actually lives up to true pastel goth style 3. I hope you like it anyways?

Gothstuck kids edition

since there are oly 8 of them i’ll give a little run down:

John is more of a fantasy video game nerd than an actual goth

Rose turned into Alice Glass some how

Dave is trying to be the most ironic Goth he’s making fun of the whole thing and took on a Criss Angel type persona. He’s pushed it so far that no one knows how serious he is anymore

Jade is like an Amy Lee 

Jane is classy goth

Roxy is like tumblr goth

Dirk wins at ironic goth

I fucking hate Jake