I had my first running class with nyrr last night. The class is for competitive runners looking to improve their race times. We meet for 10 weeks and run as a group doing fartleks, interval training, et. al.

Last night we ran 7 miles (my GPS didn’t kick in until we hit the park so I am missing .5 on this route) in Central Park. We ran fartleks around the northern loop, clockwise, sprinting race pace + going uphill. 

There are 2 inclines in this route: one at 102 St. Cutoff and West Dr. for about 3-4 blocks, and one that starts at the pool on East Dr. and continues til the 102 St. Cutoff. In between sprints we kept a conversational jogging pace. 

I ran with the 8:00 - 8:30 pace group. My pace for longer races (10ks, half-marathons) is 8:15-8:30 and longer. I am hoping to improve my time by shaving at least 10-15 seconds of my mile pace. My goal is a 1:45 half marathon. My PR is 1:50. Honestly, anything sub 1:50 would be a new PR but a 1:45 would put a huge fucking grin on my face. :)

Consider my ass kicked and looking forward to the next 10 weeks.