@morefitnesshalf = DONE! Unofficial time of 1:43:35 means a new #PR. Every little bit counts. Feeling so 🙌💪🙏😴😴😴😴 Thank you to @brendenbc and @thomas_spoerndle for leading the #gothrunners cheering section 🏃💀👻 You boys made my day 😘😘😝😝 #witchontherun #womenshalf #womenruntheworld #womenrunners #nyrr #nycrunners #runforlife #runlikeagirl #voltwomen ⚡️⚡️ (at Central Park)

Rain’s not gonna kramp my Xmas Eve run! ☔️🏃🙌 3 miles + change on the empty rainy nyc streets is a good way to start a much needed vacation. This past month has been so hectic with work, work and life. I haven’t taken the time for myself and let me tell you, things are going to change. Feeling positive energies from the universe. 🌀🌠🌙🔮😊 Giving is the first step to receiving. Be open. Let it in. I mean who doesn’t like 🎁🎁??
#witchontherun #gothrunners #womenrunners #runforlife #healthgoth (at Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

All the colors of the #yoga 🌈🙏 Hot class today at @yogatothepeople #bklyn to start that new year’s rejuvenation!

What are your 2015 resolutions? 🙌💪🏃💏⛺️✈️🚣🏄🏂🚵🎻🎤📚📝🛀🌵🌴🍻🍌🍅🍉🍒
#witchontherun #gothrunners #yoga #yogatothepeople #meditation (at Yoga to the People Brooklyn)

I had my first running class with nyrr last night. The class is for competitive runners looking to improve their race times. We meet for 10 weeks and run as a group doing fartleks, interval training, et. al.

Last night we ran 7 miles (my GPS didn’t kick in until we hit the park so I am missing .5 on this route) in Central Park. We ran fartleks around the northern loop, clockwise, sprinting race pace + going uphill. 

There are 2 inclines in this route: one at 102 St. Cutoff and West Dr. for about 3-4 blocks, and one that starts at the pool on East Dr. and continues til the 102 St. Cutoff. In between sprints we kept a conversational jogging pace. 

I ran with the 8:00 - 8:30 pace group. My pace for longer races (10ks, half-marathons) is 8:15-8:30 and longer. I am hoping to improve my time by shaving at least 10-15 seconds of my mile pace. My goal is a 1:45 half marathon. My PR is 1:50. Honestly, anything sub 1:50 would be a new PR but a 1:45 would put a huge fucking grin on my face. :)

Consider my ass kicked and looking forward to the next 10 weeks.

🔥💀 J O I N U S 💀🔥

Fitness is for everyone. Skeptics welcome. Don’t change - you don’t have to. 15-year-old you was right. We own the night: Let’s run the night.

Changes are coming to and this Instagram. Find our first zine this Fall/Winter 2014 in the NYC area.

🌘 NYC Children of the Night 🌒- Let’s meet. You can’t call the corners with just one.

#witchontherun #gothrunners #running #childrenofthenight #joinus #nycinstarunners #werunnyc

💚S🐢A🐲L🌵S🍃A🌱V👒E🎾R🎄D🔋E✅ MAKE THIS SHIT! It’s so good. Tomatillos, pineapple 🍍, jalapeño, onions, cilantro, lime juice and spices. Blend in @vitamix and enjoy on everything. Thanks @localrootsnyc for providing most of the ingredients! And thanks to my meximelt roots for giving me the gift of salsa. #witchontherun #gothrunners #trainhardeatreal #eatrealfood #salsa #vitamix

Started out 2015 with my first ever spin class at @pelotoncycle My legs and glutes will definitely remember @robinnyc tomorrow! Thanks for an amazing first ride! So excited to explore more cross training and strength options this year! 🙌🚴🏃💪✌️
#witchontherun #gothrunners #spinclass #crosstraining #legday #peloton (at Peloton Cycle 140 West 23Rd)