“A nightmare for some, but real for me” Edward nygma x reader Warnings: mentions of physical and mental abuse

“A nightmare for some, but real for me”

Edward nygma x reader

“Hey Ed…?” you say as you play with your fingers wondering if you should really be asking this question.

“Yes [Y/N]?” finally making eye contact you see your dorky and nerdy boyfriend of 3 years Edward Nygma flash you a happy smile.

“Well i’ve been wondering some for a while..”

“Oh? What is it [Y/N]?”

Finally building up the courage to ask you slowly stand up and make your way to the couch where he’s sitting, placing yourself next to him you finally let out a small sigh.

“Well…i’ve kinda noticed that you’ve never talked about your parents…let alone have i ever met them why is that if you don’t mind me asking, obviously you don’t have to tell me…”

After a few minutes have passed and cluing in on the silence you slowly raise your head to see the man you love so dearly sitting there with a pale face, a pink tint on his pale cheeks due to the tears running down his face.

“Ed…? Edward why are you crying?!”

Scooting over to him you grab his hands gently running your thumbs over the soft skin of his hands hoping to calm him.

“Edward i’m sorry please don’t cry i didn’t mean to make you cry!”

“N-No.. it’s not your fault [Y/N]…i just uh… don’t really have good memories of my parents, they weren’t very good parents..”

Edward tenses up feeling you run a hand through his hair

“No good memories whatsoever? None at all?”

You see him stop for a moment to think, in all honesty no he didn’t. Edward nygma didn’t have one single good memory of his parents, the only memories that retained and stayed in his brain even after all these years were the ones of the nights he’d sit all alone in his room with the blankets pulled over his head, silently crying as his parents screamed on the lower level. Listening to his own parents the people who should love him with all their hearts scream at each other about how that it was the others fault edward was born. Other memories he has of his parents were the times he’d be sitting at the table pretending to be playing with his food like a experiment as his parents stood in the kitchen not ten feet away from him.

Clearing his things off the table and hiding in the cupboard under the sink as his parents started fighting again, and yet another time about him. Knowing fully well his mother did in fact want even more children but lived in the fear they’d be like Edward. So in all reality he didn’t have one single good memory of them and spent all these years blocking out all the times he cried himself to sleep, the times he’d fallen asleep in his closet with a tie tied around the knobs to keep him away from them, so one of them couldn’t hit him when they were mad at each other or him.

You sit there in shock listening to him tell you all those horrible horrible things, not being able to fathom or even begin to wrap your head around all this new information coming from one of the most kind and sweetest man you’ve dated. You sit there and wonder to yourself how someone could even treat someone like that let alone your own child.

Edward tenses yet again at the unsuspected feeling of your soft warm lips on his, not knowing what else to do he kisses you back.

“I’m sorry for asking…i didn’t mean to bring back such..horrid…no nightmarish memories”

“Don’t blame yourself [Y/N] one day, you would of asked and i’d have to tell you..” he gives you a weak smile as you slowly nod getting up and grabbing a blanket before sitting back down and wrapping it around the pair of you

“I love you so much…”

“i love you too…[Y/N]…” 

(this is my first fic i’ve ever posted on tumblr and i’d love to get some feedback on this! if theres anything i can fix and approve on i’d love to know thank you!) 

Batman is Turning 75 This Year!

Sometimes being a librarian means getting great info sent directly to my email and being asked to participate in cool events, like this:

As the Dark Knight celebrates his 75th anniversary, DC Entertainment wants bookstores and libraries across the U.S. and Canada to join the celebration with parties and more this July! Get ready for TWO Batman Days during the San Diego Comic-Con International, the first on Wednesday, July 23, for bookstores and comic shops, and the second on Saturday, July 26, for libraries. Participating bookstores and libraries can order special event kits with the following goodies: 75th-anniversary timeline posters, buttons, bookmarks, paper Batman masks, and temporary tattoos!

The Top Ten Essential Batman Titles

(as suggested by DC)

Batman: Year One
Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli

Batman: The Long Halloween
Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

Batman: Arkham Asylum
Grant Morrison

Batman: Killing Joke (DELUXE)
Alan Moore

Batman: Hush
Jeph Loeb

Batman: Batman and Son (New Edition)
Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, J.H. Williams III

Batman: The Black Mirror
Scott Snyder, Jock

Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls (The New 52)
Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo

Batman: Earth One
Geoff Johns, Gary Frank

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Frank Miller