Variations of Gothitelle’s evolution line based on different types of Lolita fashion. Click on each for a full view.

The standard Gothic type is the most common one people come into contact with. Designers became very influenced by Gothitelle’s black and white color scheme, which helped give birth to a new fashion, Elegant Gothic Lolita. 

As soon as other varieties were discovered, such as a very “sweet” looking Gothitelle with pink and blue colors, designers took notice and created more Lolita designs based on these variations.

If Lolita brands existed in the pokemon world, I’d like to think that some of them took inspiration from the Gothitelle line.

I imagined the brand name “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright” was based on the fact that Gothita kind of looks like a baby, and Gothorita/Gothitelle get their power from the stars. The brand name “Metamorphose“ could have also been influenced by how Gothita evolves and changes each time, lol. 

[I’m so proud of myself for finally finishing this thing. My depression made me not care about drawing anymore for the past several weeks, but I’m trying to get back on track again.]

★ “Wa” = “Japan, Japanese;” Is used as an adjective in some compound words (washi = “Japanese paper”)
★ “Hime” = “Princess”

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