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Happy Halloween!! atrasado ;-;

Geno: And your disguise? 

Reaper: I’m already disguised 

Geno: Reaper…You are Death 

Reaper: I know, I focus a lot on the role of disguise 

Geno: Go change 

Reaper:  I’m afraid, do no?

Ink belong to @comyet / Dream belong to @jokublog / Blueberry belong to @popcornpr1nce 

Gothy belong to @nekophy and Palette belong to @angexci

Geno belong to @loverofpiggies and Reaper belong to @renrink

okay, this is just pure fluff and cute shit for the sake of being cute

but i bet eggsy and harry would, like, give jb a “voice”. you know how people do when they have pets? give their pet a voiceover? but eggsy makes jb sound like a gruff tough guy while harry makes jb sound like something out of “pride and prejudice” lol.

like, a scenario. eggsy is in a bad mood and is kinda sulking. harry picks up jb and kinda hovers the pug by eggsy’s face and goes, “oh, my dearest father. why are you so upset? won’t you tell me, your most faithful and lovable son?” and jb’s licking eggsy’s face. eggsy cracks a smile and is like, “you know that’s not jb’s voice.”  and harry’s like, “nonsense, we all know he is a little gentleman.”

and if you switch it around, it’s eggsy’s holding jb by a sulking harry’s face and going, “oi mate, what’s with the long face, eh? you wanna tell jb all about it? want me to go bite someone for ya? i’ll do it mate, swear down.” and jb’s happily panting on harry’s face. harry cracks a smile and takes jb from eggsy to give him a good scratch behind the ears. and harry being like, “that’s not how he sounds like.” and eggsy’s like “nah, he’s my tough little guy.”


Dia 27 ¨Fondo de pantalla¨ // Day 27 ¨Wallpaper¨

30 Day OTP Challenge (Poth)

Goth y Palette se dieron cuenta que no tenian alguna foto de ellos dos para usar como Fondo de pantalla, por lo que comenzaron a sacarse fotos, pero de un momento a otro se colocaron un poco melosos entre ellos, quedando guardado el momento en el celular, el problem fue cuando Goth se equivocó de celular y tomo el de Geno en vez del suyo. // Goth and Palette realized that they did not have a picture of the two of them to use as wallpaper, so they started taking pictures, but from one moment to the next they were a little bit mellow among themselves, being saved the moment on the cell phone , the problem was when Goth got the wrong phone and took Geno’s instead of his.

Palette belong to @angexci and Gothy belong to @nekophy

Geno belong to @loverofpiggies

au where harry comes back after a long mission and he’s in some grocery store, waiting on a long line bc there was no food in his house. it’s pretty late and he’s annoyed.

the young man in front of him is holding some baby food and a young baby girl. and that baby is staring right at harry. sometimes when a baby is staring at you, you can’t help but try to make the baby smile. especially since the baby looked like she was crying earlier. so harry starts with a small smile, followed by sticking his tongue out a little. the baby cracks a smile and harry is pleased with himself. he doesn’t know what comes over him but he even attempts to make a funny face. the baby girl is giggling now and the young man holding her, turns around to see what is making her laugh. cue harry getting caught making a stupid face at the most gorgeous young man he’s ever seen.

embarrassed, harry awkwardly clears his throat and with much dignity he has left, bids the young man “ah, good evening.” the young man smiles at him and laughs. he turns to the baby girl and is like, “ey daisy, you makin’ friends with posh strangers now?” he laughs and introduces himself; eggsy. harry introduces himself back and the two begin talking while waiting on that long grocery line.

at the end, harry ends up with a phone number and a little baby girl waving “bye-bye” at him.

Dia 18 ¨Cocinar juntos¨ / Day 18 ¨Cook Together ¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth

Goth and Palette preparan algunos Cupcakes en Sugartale // Goth and Palette make some Cupcakes at Sugartale

Palette and Goth Belong to @angexci and @nekophy

Gracias a @kkukki1 que me brindo la idea en que hacer para este día ;,)  Thank you!

im dyin but seeing how much harry really loved mr. pickle, i can see something like. years ago, young!merlin is just doing his work when all of a sudden, his door gets kicked opened and young!harry comes in like “MERLIN, LOOK WHAT I TAUGHT MR. PICKLE.” puts mr. pickle down, lifts his hand up and mr. pickle gives harry a high-five, and harry proudly grins up at merlin. and merlin stares at harry with a deadpanned look.

and then years later, merlin just doing his work when his door suddenly gets kicked opened and eggsy comes in like, “MERLIN, LOOK WHAT I TAUGHT JB.”