Spin Doctor clothing is such an amazing find. A major hat tip to Mrs Jilly of Gothic Charm School for getting me to check these guys out after her review. The clothing is of great quality and I feel if done right can be worn by stylists not to mention you could probably get 3-4 looks with one outfit using the right accessories.  It’s budget friendly if you get it on sale at violent delights or even hot topic.

It still delights me to no end that Jillian Venters is following me on Tumblr. I am positively starstruck. I have been a Gothic Charm School fan for close to ten years now - I never in a million years would have imagined that I would one day consider The Lady of The Manners a friend of mine! :) Thank you for being such a wonderful person, Auntie Jilli.

P.S. If you aren’t following @gothiccharmschool then you should go do it now! Jilli is fantastic and her fashion sense is to die for!