Love me some tiny waist, bats and demonias! 😍
This outfit came out a quite time ago, for more details just check out my blog. Link in bio! ❤

Um dos meus looks favoritos! Usando minha camiseta de morceguinhos da @mixtapestore, meu corset da Lady Lamia, minha bolsa e choker da Queen of Bones e a Swing 220, da Demonia!

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NEW ROCK BOOTS ready to dominate the alternative world!

Today we are showing some appreciation to one of the most influential brands in Gothic Fashion and alternative culture, New Rock Boots!

They are a brand that almost defined a style and inspired gothic clothing everywhere, all around the globe!

They have been worn by some of the more icon bands in goth, industrial, black and heavy metal… and also by characters in Dr Who! Above we have a shot of Cradle Of Filth wearing some New Rock Boots, we wanted to share images of them being worn by God Of F**K Marilyn Manson too but unfortunately pictures of his feet are hard to come by :-/  So you will just have to take if from us Mazza, Dimmu Borgir and a horde of other stars agree with us when we say ‘It is all about NEW ROCK BOOTS!’

So where can you get them?! The internet is full of lame New Rock Drop Shippers with little to no customer service and sour reputations for ripping people off or not delivering for months! Well never fear as we are here with our trust New Rock sister site NEWROCKBOOTSUK.COM where you can find the full catalogue of New Rock Boots but with all the reliability of shopping with Kate’s Clothing!

Don’t forget if you need your New Rocks fast, we still have stock at KC ready for next day delivery. There pairs can be found in our gothic shoes and boots section or our dedicated New Rock Boots category… but for everything else try New Rock Boots UK!

Behold! My very first pair of Demonias ^^ I saved up for them and they’re finally here! I’ll have to practice walking in them before wearing them in public, especially since I habitually walk super fast. I realized when I put them on that they immediately “spice up” my outfit and make me not look like a bum XD #goth #gothic #demoniashoes #gothicboots #blackleather