Gothic Cottage at Stourhead

Inside were tags where visitors wrote messages and tied it to a tree and the boughs and beams.

There was a little shop set up where you could buy tea cofees, hot chocolate and spiced apple mulled wine plus things like cake. 

it spelt sooo good - kind of like cinnamon. 

I don’t like to imagine either of the former Papas in a nursing home/retirement home. I like to think that they have their own little house set up for them upon their departure. and the aesthetics of their homes would reflect their own eras.

 Papa I: a sort of gothic cottage. a gargoyle or two sitting perched on the roof or ground. a large garden in the back with green man statues and gargoyle water fountains. the interior design of the home would be dark oak wood and mahogany. when you step inside you’re immediately hit with cedar wood incense. the first floor would have a “rest” room, not quite a living room, but a couch and fireplace. his kitchen would be very small and cute. enough room for a quiet old man like himself. there would be a spiral staircase that would lead up the the second floor. there’s a short hallway that leads to his bedroom and ritual room. every now and then, a few Sister of Sin would come and visit. just to check up on him and see how he’s doing. all the while providing some company. the church of Ghost never forget their elders.

Papa II: the aesthetic is completely predictable, and to be honest, quiet overbearing. the previous home that sat at his residence before- he had torn down. rebuilt was a big ass gaudy cathedral style mansion. there’s a cast iron gate that you have to buzz in as permission to move forth. Pimp Daddy E has a thing for Edgar Allen Poe (as cliche as that is) so he has tons of pet ravens. you have to avoid them dive bombing you as you try to get to the front door. the inside of his home is like Game of Thrones meets The Addams Family. it is heavily medieval and completely daunting for anyone who isn’t familiar with the second Papal leader. that being said, anyone who doesn’t know him, is quickly tossed out. what a dick.

the first floor is a bit like Papa I’s home, in that the floors are covered in deep mahogany. there’s a rich fireplace that belches flames nearly 24/7 and plenty of couch/chair room for company. a piano sits near the staircase, the bench lined in purple velvet. the kitchen Papa II keeps is quiet big, as he confesses that he loves to cook. as for someone who likes to order people around, cooking is something he never leaves to someone else. he’s very meticulous about preparing food and wants to properly serve his guests. there are plenty of hallways that lead to other parts of his home, but Papa II blocks them off. he’s a very private man- especially when company comes over. 

upstairs is like stepping up into another dimension. a lot of the interior in the second floor looks cold and metallic. he has several master bathrooms which are lined in black marble and steel. his room is fit for a king……a king covered in cat hair. as for all of the leaders of the clergy, cats are prized possessions treated like royalty. it’s one of the curses of being a man whose weakness is black bedding.