The Gothic Cottage, Stourhead

Built by Henry Hoare in around 1785 most likely as a summer house, the Gothic Cottage was formerly known as the Watch Cottage, from this point there are fantastic views across the lake. Henry’s Grandson added the Gothic semi circular seat and arched porch (not in frame) around 1806, from then on it was renamed The Gothic Cottage. The cottage has very recently undergone extensive restoration and the roof has been newly thatched.

(by sminky_pinky100 (In and Out))


Gothic Cottage at Stourhead

Inside were tags where visitors wrote messages and tied it to a tree and the boughs and beams.

There was a little shop set up where you could buy tea cofees, hot chocolate and spiced apple mulled wine plus things like cake. 

it spelt sooo good - kind of like cinnamon.