gothic venetian


They don’t have names yet, but BOY do they have Aesthetic™

Pale Venetian Gothic on the left has a sub-type of Camellia’s necromancy and can make familiars out of stray bones. Since their family practices strictly ethical necromancy, she saves a lot of bones from fish and meat that she eats. Even when you can’t see the familiars you always hear a faint rattling when she walks…

Encrusted Battle Russet is more a physical augmentation kind of guy. The pink chalcedony visible under his skin draws in ambient magic, and he primarily uses it to fortify his physical form. He has several fingers that are entirely Opal, and he cannot touch others with them at risk of siphoning their magic right out of their body. This can lead to death for both the target and himself, as he actually has a fairly low total capacity for magic and is prone to inundation sickness if he isn’t constantly doing some kind of performative magic or utilizing some other release technique.

PIRAN, Slovenia - The jewel of the Slovenian coast, the Venetian town of Piran stands compact on a small peninsula on the northern tip of the Adriatic sea. It is one of the best-preserved historical towns anywhere on the Adriatic. The narrow streets, the Venetian Gothic buildings, the lively main Tartini square and the Mediterranean atmosphere give Piran a unique charm.

Image by Piotr Skrzypiec

Broken and discarded concrete benches and statuary on the grounds of Ca d'Zan, the  Venetian Gothic style mansion that belonged to John Ringling (of Ringling Bros Circus fame).The mansion was built during the Roaring Twenties and eventually fell into abandoned disrepair. It was restored in the early 2000’s, but you can see its destroyed elegance in the 1998 film “Great Expectations” starring Gwenyth Paltrow, Ethan Hawke, and Anne Bancroft. Sarasota, FL.