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the valentines texts the j/h characters would send
  • Jekyll: Happy Valentines Day my dear! :)
  • Utterson: Happy Saint Valentine's Day. ❤️
  • Lucy: happy valentines day babe 😘 you better get me chocolate lol
  • Emma: Happy Valentine's honeybun!!! ^^ <3
  • Lanyon: Happy Single-Sadness Day 💖😒💖
She smiles.

Mona Lisa removes her mask
She claws her way out of the
painting. Her jail cell, her
solitary confinement for all
these years. She’s angry. She’s
deranged. Unhinged. Unstable.
Uncanny. Insane. Released
unto the mad, mad, mad world.
Will you run? Or will you know
that she always, always, always…
catches up with you? Now
you know, why Mona Lisa smiles.


haxanthrobo Crimson Peak automaton: Mechanical regurgitator!
This is a short clip of the building process of the automaton clown I built for Guillermo Del Toro’s beautiful Gothic romance thriller Crimson Peak. Made from scratch it was a true “ cams and levers” type automaton as specified by GDT.
It started with a Premo Clay sculpture then I machined countless bits from brass and Steel , I plan on doing a more in depth video of the two pieces I made for the film to coincide with Guillermo Del Toro’s “ At Home With Monsters” exhibition opening soon at LACMA. I’m honored to be scheduled to give a walk through talk on August 25 at 7 pm.
The Korean Gothic Lesbian Revenge Thriller That’s Captivated Cannes

It’s a shame that popcorn isn’t allowed in the grand theaters of Cannes, because if ever a movie called for binge eating out of a tub, eyes riveted to the screen, it’s Park Chan-Wook’s The Handmaiden (French title: Mademoiselle), which jolted awake every bleary-eyed reporter at its packed debut screening Saturday morning.

An adaptation of Welsh author Sarah Waters’ kinky, award-winning 2002 historical crime novel Fingersmith set in Victorian England, Park moves the action to 1930s Korea under Japanese colonialism, where class and tradition still loomed large but a rich family could flaunt status by having electricity—which plays a dramatic role in the movie—in their big homes. ”Was that as good as I thought it was?” a fellow critic asked as the lights came up; this Cannes selection has been disappointing thus far, so it was hard to discern if we both loved the movie because it’s actually good or because it was just the metaphorical drop of water in our drought. Luckily, Amazon, quickly establishing itself as a movie distributor with art-house tastes and respect for the theatrical experience, bought the rights in February, so you will get to see it on the big screen.


Halloween Gothic

The sting from  “Thriller” follows you around. You have the nagging and persistent realization that you have never actually listened to “ Thriller” the whole way through.

Did you buy that tastefully gilded decorative skull or did it just appear? Or that one? Or….

Cute autumn themed tutorials multiply on the internet. they never turn out quite right. So much blood.

You go costume shopping. The words “Sexy” and “ Sassy” no longer have meaning. You don’t remember trying on this Devil costume. Polyester rustles endless secrets around you.

The laughter of children begins to seem creepy and unsettling. The laughter of children has always seemed creepy and unsettling.

The air tastes crisper. the air tastes like burning leaves. The air tastes like burning flesh and pumpkin spice latte.

Don’t trust the candy. Just don’t.

Halloween is the Devil’s work. The Devil is standing next to you. The Devil thinks your costume is tacky and poorly made. The Devil took all the good candy before he left.


Let’s talk Crimson Peak.

First let’s talk Alamo Drafthouse. I LOVE YOU, ALAMO! Not only did they offer points-club members a chance to see it early tonight, but they also did a special limited ale (Crimson Peak, made with hibiscus flowers so it’s nice and red) and collector’s glass!

Ok, now let’s talk Crimson Peak. I usually try to be calm and rational but WHO CARES BECAUSE YEAH.

Ok, still here?

Do you like Tom Hiddleston? Of course you do. Because who wouldn’t? Why would you be reading this if you didn’t? Good God, what’s wrong with you if you are?


Do you like long, dark coats and high collars and lots of sultry eye-acting that out-acts entire theater companies-worth of actors?

Tom’s eyes are not in long, dark coats, but the rest of him is and GOD IT IS GLORIOUS.

Do you like gothic romance thrillers? Because that’s what this really is. It’s not a horror jump scare type of thing but that does happen too but it’s really not the focus and there’s lots more to it like romance and deceit and oh my God ewwwwwwwww!

You know at some point I should stop asking questions and start answering them.

Is Tom good in this? YES.

Is everyone else good? YES.

Are the costumes good? YES.

Is it super scary? More creepy than scary and not all the time.

Is it romantic? In spots.

Is it gross? At points (that’s a pun… you’ll see, lol).


Does it have one of the best one-liners ever? Yes.

Should you go see this? Yes.

That is all. I am off to find a long gown to wander around in and some candles.

A sure sign that I am maybe feeling a leetle stressed and in need of self-care: I have STACKS of new-to-me gothic romance/occult thrillers (thank you, octoberreads and lacreeperie!), but I have a nigh-overwhelming urge to reread the first three Vampire Chronicles books, and then maybe Prince Lestat.

Hi, I’m your wacky Auntie Jilli, and my comfort reading involves vain and bombastic vampires.