gothic pirate


A playlist for every adventurer who knows they are destined to meet their end in a watery grave or at the end of a noose.

Songs for when there’s salt in the air and wind in your hair
…and songs for when you find yourself in a cold jail cell making a deal with the devil.

“If I should die out here at sea
would anyone be mourning me?
or would I leave this world unknown?
salt for salt and bone for bone”

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Everyone else was doing it so here are my 10 most reblogged outfit posts from 2014!

I definitely wore clothes a lot less this past year, as I became insanely busy trying to balance so many things at once, with two YouTube channels, freelance work, and directing several short films. The few times I have been able to dress up, I’ve found myself wearing more mature clothing, and more colour than ever before. As my style continues to develop, I feel as if I’ve learned a lot more about coordinating and become more definite about what works for me. That said, 2015 is a new year, which means plenty of opportunities to disregard logic and impulse buy all the things!

  1. Brolita Goodness [of course this is number one >___>;;]
  2. Ouji Accessory - Blue
  3. Ouji Accessory - White
  4. Sakura Matsuri
  5. Ouji Accessory - Wizard
  6. Iron Gate Hat
  7. Granny Smith
  8. Royal Rosette
  9. Ouji Accessory - Butler
  10. Not Steampunk Ouji