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The Gothic Lovers Club
  • Phantom: I can't help but think I'm using the wrong methods. I disguised myself as an ethereal being and gave her singing lessons and then kidnapped her into my gloomy underworld. I also proposed to her on our first date. And in the end, she still chose that Vicomte. Where did I go wrong, guys?
  • Dracula: I know what you mean! I stalked her because she looks exactly like my dead wife from human days. But she doesn't feel it like I do! I feel so let down.
  • Krolock: You're being too hasty, guys. I was stalking her for her entire life and properly prepared her for my ball by appearing in her dreams and making dramatic entrances in bathrooms. And she completely fell for me!
  • Death: Pff, amateurs. I killed the majority of her family, including some of her kids and destroyed an entire Empire. And in the end, she came to me.
  • Phantom: ...
  • Dracula: ...
  • Krolock: ...
  • Death: What? They said, they like bad boys!

“You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it.”

-Neil Gaiman

@neil-gaiman is my favorite author, a great artist and inspiring person. Long ago he shared one of my drawings and it made my day, one of the best days of my life. It’s such a silly thing, but when someone you admire so greatly recognizes your art is the highest form of praise. Thank you Neil Gaiman, for bringing so much joy to this humble artist.