gothic illustrations


Laura always had the liberties to wear and do whatever she wanted, she was the only heir of Alfred Rothstein (her grandfather), one of the richest and prestigious family on the country. 

She never hid her witch side.

 Oh, and by the way she has a passion for cats which makes her rescue all the cats she finds on the streets or are abandoned. She lives among so many cats one lost the count of it. Rivershire swears her house smells like cat poop, but that’s a lie. 

In Alchemy, The Hand of Mysteries holds the keys to divinity and invites you to discover great secrets! All the symbols represent different elements, their various abilities, and spiritual significance. Very cool stuff. 

This art blog is nod dead I swear! <3 I’ll try to step up my game with posting and sharing the remainder of the year. 

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Audrey Benjaminsen 2016