gothic fairy wedding

A short video of me spinning in my renaissance burgundy dress. It flows so nice and makes me feel like a princess 💞
Do you like it?

This dress is one of the first I ever made, I designed it, created the patterns and it was 100% hand sewn by me. 😃

Model, make-up: me
Dress: me
Necklace: @victoria.equinox
Necklace on my forehead: @roseoftheflames
You can find it in our Etsy shop:


Let’s take a second to talk about this amazing shop I found called Rose Mortem. Someone makes these dresses. BY HAND. And yeah, they’re sorta pricey, but from what I’ve gathered, she makes them to fit your exact size. She asks you give her your bust, waist, and hip measurements as well as your total height! If you’re planning on attending an event soon and want to shine, THESE dresses are the thing! Go swing this designer some Love here at her shop: