gothic celling

unfoundedrobotaccusations  asked:

Buttons sneaks into the lab where Gothic/Blind One is staying is staying (because Buttons somehow manages to get literally everywhere). He has some beginners books tucked under his arm. "Excuse me," he says quietly. "Mr. Gothic, sir?" He taps very softly on the front of Gothic's room (cell?)

Subject 3-06 aka,Gothic or Blind One,lifts his skull,socket blinking open,tail twitching.

What was that?

It sounded like soft knocks,but the only one that knocks is the doctor.Or,Gaster.He’s been asked to call him that.

^Who'ssssss there?^

He calls,staying curled in his ball,lying on his nest of blankets and clothes,the blankets from the-Gaster.

He thought he heard a voice,but it was lost in the thick steel of the door.