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Open House - Day One

Today was day one of Open House. Bob and I explored Portcullis House, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the National Audit Office (NAO) as well as taking a few photos of the outside of the Palace of Westminster and HM Treasury.  

ananomalousaverageaspiringartist  asked:

First off you’re great. But I was wondering cause in my class we were going over futurism which got me thinking about your album covers. Did you draw influence from that style, and if not what would you say you draw from? Draw in? Draw on?

I really dig Futurism, Raygun Gothic and Art deco. Dieselpunk stuff too. I dunno, the “style of the future that never was” shtick is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, so a great deal of my stuff is influenced by it.

BLU’s Raoh

[Music: The Lone Wolf]

=Given name: Raoh.
=BLU Robo-Officer Model: ‘Black-G Z-3’.
=Serves in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as an Robo-Officer as of December 24th to the morning of the 25th, on Christmas, 2045; Only 3 months so far.
=Height: 6'2".
=Weight: 8 short tons.
=Design style is in the mixture of Gothic/Art Deco/Giger/Ken Ishikawa/Katsuhiro Otomo, along with the symbols of the BLU Empire, the military police, and the TMPD on its shoulders, along with an bronze seven point star upside down built on its left pectoral side of the chest.
=It has black sclera around its open half circle eyes.
=Its left knuckle has an heated brass knuckle while both arms have piston elbows.
=The color scheme is mainly blue and white, with black detail.
=Is non-talkative as all hell, with only audio playback voiced by Norio Wakamoto mainly. But, it has an personality chip that contains the personality of an Solid Snake-like character.
=Made to serve and protect in the name of The Empress of BLU.
=It wields an MG-164, the evolution of the MG-42 machine gun, an Whitley magnum pistol, an Winchester 1912 pump-action shotgun, and heated axes from the 2 white circles on its collar.
=Made to take on a lot of hits, including mutants, an angry Hulk, Iron Man, metahumans, various heroes, and others.
But, Raoh is not invincible.
=The head is like the Black Getter, but with the head shape of G1 Optimus Prime and the Stahlhelm (World War 2 German helmet) mixed in.
=The able-to-turn hoverpack only allows low air gliding and boosts, along with the feet boosters and hips.
=Raoh’s new partner is long time officer Kanuka Clancy, age 32 [Patlabor!AU].

-=The new Robo-Officer that basically made the ripple throughout the streets of Tokyo Metropolis through its actions and laser-guided focus, even as an A.I. driven robot, to serve and protect without deep rooted corruption.

//Hope you like this new robot muse. :3

~The Bat~