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Now all I can imagine is Reaper wearing gothy high heels, like Samurai Jack did that one episode. Thanks Anon, its not like I had college work to do >:(

Where’s the fanart


New additions to the fabric stash. They literally sell fabric by the kilo at this store and it ends up being an amazing bargain.

Up top is a very heavy silver (looks white in the photo) material, with a black lace overlay - that’s another layer of fabric, not a printed pattern! Gonna make a wicked gothy dress. There’s a small snag/flaw in one section but it’ll be easy to work around.

Next is scarf material with an adorable cat pattern (notice how the white cats are winking). I can probably get at least two scarves from this cut. 

And last but not least, the eye-searingly orange mermaid pattern in lightweight polyester. The photo doesn’t come close to showing how riotously colorful this sucker is. 

All singing together an ancient rhyme, but no word did they speak to the mistress of the house. Strange to hear, and frightful to look upon, were these twelve women, with their horns and their wheels; and the mistress felt near to death, and she tried to rise that she might call for help, but she could not move, nor could she utter a word or a cry, for the spell of the witches was upon her.

—Lay Wilde, The Horned Women

art by Gustave Dore

A slightly silly face, in order to show off my eye makeup. Dear Infamous BlueJay, thank you again for the random “black cherry” pigment!

(Also, if someone had told me a few years ago that my usual makeup routine would NOT regularly include liquid liner, I would have scoffed. But I’m pretty pleased with the softer, smudgier look for now.)