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Whats the goth scene in Finland like? Do you have lots of clubs? What do you do for fun? Are there any Finnish goth bands you recommend? Also are you into kvlt black metal? Do you know anything about that scene in Finland? Sorry for so many questions

I’ve never really been a part of the scene in Finland, though I know it exists. “Darker” music (goth rock, metal, and whatnot) and alternative styles are really common and basically part of the mainstream so the scene isn’t such a specific thing but a lot of people are kind of involved in it in a more lowkey way, if that makes sense? Basically you don’t have to go look for a scene to find like-minded people and hear music you like. “My scene” has mostly consisted of my friends who happen to have similar style and music tastes and we would just do what friends normally do (including taking loads of embarrassing outfit pictures). I feel like the people actively involved in the “proper” (in the lack of a better word) goth scene were always older than me and a bit scary, and they all seemed to have known each other for ages, so I was always too scared to try to befriend them. You don’t see as many alternative people around nowadays and I don’t even live in Finland at the moment, so I haven’t really been able to make any new friends who are in the scene recently either.

I don’t know many Finnish goth rock bands that follow the more original 80s goth sound but I love Two Witches and of course there are the much more well-known and more mainstream sounding bands like The 69 Eyes and HIM. There’s also a goth festival called Lumous and quite a few alternative/goth clothing stores. I don’t know of any proper goth clubs but there’s Prkl, Bar Bäkkäri, and The Riff in Helsinki alone and they’re all metal/rock bars (and you can often see members of big bands drinking there, especially in the last two).

I like all kinds of metal but I’ve never been that into black metal. I feel like it has its very own scene that isn’t very visible, and stereotypically speaking it’s probably bigger in Norway than in Finland (:

If you want to see what Finnish goths and other alternative people looked like when the styles were really popular, take a loot at The years 2005 to 2008 have the most alternative people featured, and I used to look at these photos for inspiration in my babybat days. (Oh the memories!)


I’m all here for some 20’s flapper inspired goth looks. Black Lipgloss Repulse by @illamasqua

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If you were an actual goth you'd have black hair.

Obvious troll is obvious, but in case someone actually does think this: 

Ah, the posers such as Patricia Morrison, Sean Brennan, Cinamon Hadley, and Robert Smith…

(You have no idea how much I wanted to reply with a drawing of a Visigoth with the text “if you were an actual goth, you’d look like this”.)