Hey fellas, I changed some of the rewards on Patreon! I’m only missing 10$ for my next goal of creating educational comics!! With this goal reached, Dill could make full page educational, existential and social comics on topics like #BlackLivesMatter (such as his Ferguson comic) for younger readers and your average internet user.

For over 5$ you can now get a look at:

  • Really weird and old work
  • Future projects
  • A custom comic with your favorite characters
  • A character based off of you
  • Water from the fountain of youth sponsored by Keanu Reeves

For new folks: Patreon could help keep all my comics alive. This includes Dill’s page, Dining with Dana, Fit Bat Workouts and Reaper comics. For more info check out the above comic!

To help, just roll on over here. If you can’t afford to donate, but still want to lend a severed hand, please spread the word/signal boost or send a smile at! He will get back to you through the nearest 2dimensional portal.

Thank you infinitely to those who shared, you 3 beautiful patrons and for your current attention! Stay Awesome.


Spooky goodness in music videos over the years.