gothgalahoy replied to your post “I’m sorry for bothering you, but I saw you ship Clark/Lex, is2g no one does and man, oh man. Maybe you’ll understand why I was so excited to meet Michael Rosenbaum… Sorry for bothering you, I’m trash”

Oh geez, that was such an amazing time. It was barely subtext and it was such an awesome show (until it wasn’t) with such charismatic actors (whatshername playing Lana aside). It was like premade slash, all for us. Damn did I love my Clex.

YES. It was such an awesome ship for a couple of years (until it wasn’t, as you said!). I mentioned the cornfield but not the fact that they meet by Clark giving Lex mouth-to-mouth, and Lex looks at Clark in THAT scene just like it’s love at first sight. I didn’t even watch the ep when it aired, but everyone I read back then kept posting these, “HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW,” and they re-aired it the following Sunday, and … yeah. Just … yeah.

Glad to find more Clex people!