I think I’m gonna post a set of items with a theme each day. Up today: Squids and Octopuses! As much as I love bats, I thought we needed more tentacled monsters around here, so without further ado, here are my top ten tentacled pieces from Etsy: (in order of pics)

1) Silversmith Octopus Tentacle pendant, by silversmithhk, 90$

2) Dictionary Lady Octopus Print, by EphemeraAndMore, 10$

3) Resin Octopus Ring, by filamentostore, ~6$

4) Raven Squid, by glassheartstudio, 110$

5) Octopus Tentacle Specimen Jar Necklace, Noadi, 40$

6) Gilded Steampunk Squid Necklace, Noadi, 45$

7) Squid Cufflinks, by pumpkinseedjewelry, 38$

8) Octopus Animal Tunic Top (female, grey), by Tshirt99, 16$

9) Octopus/squid tendril tentacle hook, by BattleHillForge, 65$

10) Octopus Necklace, by JustineBrooks, 110$