NEW DOLL IS IN! :DD He’s an adorable Angell-Studio Kimi. 
His name is Velo de Niebla. Companion to Shimizu (my Soom Ai)
Also my first Grey doll, he’s pure grey, but my DLSR is a douche and keep photographing him with an undertone XD

Totally not his wig & eyes, but they’ll do for now. 

Story time:

I shipped out my Mihael head to Gothdoll/insomniadoll for a face-up and when his face-up was in progress, GD/ID put up her AS Kimi for sale, being that I always wanted one(one of the dolls I put in my ‘to own someday’ list. he’s in the 'super-low priority’ column) I quickly nabbed him up!