What do you want to see from this blog?

I, Ashley(Sinistra), started this blog when I myself was trying to discover who I was. I wanted to make a “confessions” blog to try and help others who were in a similar place. I am 23 now and I’m defiantly in a different place, and find myself still active in the goth scene. That being said this blog has been so quiet for a good two or so years and that saddens me. But at the same time, this blog did really become an outsource for drama that didn’t need to happen.

One of my ideas is to connect this blog to a youtube channel, where I address confessions and make videos on the many subjects about the goth scene. This would include how-to videos and funny goth skits and comedy videos that would address underlying issues in a fun and creative way. What do you guys think of that? Its something I think I would enjoy doing and many of you guys might enjoy too!

I defiantly think confessions images with text over them wont continue. Only because of the copyright infringement and the scene drama it creates.

let me know what you guys think!:D

Submitted by Gothiccharmschool - Speaking as an older goth person who’s been in “the scene” for ages: “babygoth” isn’t a label about how long someone has been interested in goth, but a label strictly about age. To me, “babygoth” = “teen (or younger!) with gothy interests”. And I *always* mean it affectionately! I would never think of calling someone a “babygoth” to insult them or make them feel bad.