Artwork of Milky Day & my cosplay version of Mz. Freeze side by side! The art is so cute! I don’t even do it justice. Had to make a few adjustments to the design but I’m happy with the way it came out! My feet still hurt today though Haha! #cosplay #milkyday #art #costume #diy #dccomics #playboybunny #batman #gotham #gothambunnies #sewing #makeup #props #comikaze #losangeles

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Gotham Bunnies / Arkham Bunnies Cosplay

I’m so excited to finally share the photos from our Gotham Bunnies photo shoot! We made and wore these costumes to Comikaze last year, and then later did a shoot with the amazingly talented Greg De Stefano to capture the entire group together. All costumes are inspired by the really fun artwork of Milkydayy (Oskar Vega). :]

From left to right in the first photo above: Two Face – Chrissa, Penguin – Selina (me), Riddler – Ruby, Poison Ivy – Mandie, Batman – Greg De Stefano, Joker – Yume, Mrs. Freeze – Michelle, Scarecrow – Jenny, Catwoman – Chloe, Harley Quinn – Sarah

Here are some of the other ladies/bunnies (all photos shot and edited by Greg)!~

Yume as the Joker and awesome latex bodysuit (and hair and cane and everything, haha)

Mandie as a stunning Poison Ivy (so much fun watching her poses during the shoot!)

Michelle as Mrs. Freeze, complete with light-up wiring and inability to be heard through the helmet

Ruby as a drop dead gorgeous Riddler

Sarah as the cutest Harley Quinn ever

All costumes were handmade by the wearer. Mine included a mini top hat I’d made for school a few years ago (was so lucky the color matched!) and a fully lined tailcoat. :]

I can’t believe I moved to LA and was lucky enough to immediately find so many amazing people to make costumes and do awesome stuff with. So happy! ♡

For the rest of the photos, visit! ♡ ♡ ♡


For Comikaze 2013 I worked on a Harley Quinn cosplay based off of the lovely art by Oskar (Raspbeary). We had a whole group of awesome Gotham Bunnies (Riddler missing in the pic above), and I really enjoyed cosplaying with these talented ladies (Penguin, Ivy, Joker & Ms. Freeze).

Though this costume was made pretty quickly, it offered a great learning experience for completing my first boned bodice from scratch. Unfortunately because of some poor planning on my part I was not able to recreate the design exactly, but I’m still quite pleased with the result. I took some fun liberties with the makeup styling as well.

I’ll be sharing more photos soon. Check out my Facebook page for more info. Thanks!

Group photo by David Ngo.

Sneak peek at our beautiful #gothambunnies ! @yumeninja as Joker, @szmoon as Penguin, @chloedykstra as Catwoman (cameo by @nerdist haha), @geekyglamorous as Poison Ivy, @rocketgirlruby as Riddler, @riotjynx as Harley and myself as Freeze! Super stoked to see how these come out! Photography by the amazing @gregdestefano ! #dccomics #dc #cosplay #costume #photoshoot #batman #gotham

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Our Gotham Bunnies photoshoot pics are up at ! Happy with his my Ms Freeze turned out! Behold our website where we actually our our stuff? Photos by @gregdestefano , featuring my babes @geekyglamorous @szmoon @jennernugen @rocketgirlruby @chloedykstra @chrissasparkles @yumeninja ! #gothambunnies #gotham #batman #poisonivy #playboybunny #cosplay #costume

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