Alphabet Smut

A= Aftercare 

 B= Best Move 

 C= Cum 

 D= Dirty Secret 

 E= Experience

 F= Favorite Position 

 G= Greatest way to orgasm 

 H= Horny

 I= Intimacy

 J= Jack Off 

 K= Kink 

 L= Location

 M= Motivation 

 N= NO 

 O= Oral 

 P= Pace 

 Q= Quickie

 R= Risk 

 S= Stamina 

 T= Toys 

 U= Unfair 

 V= Volume 

 W= Wild Card 

 Y= Yearning Z= ZZZ

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Gotham Imagines (Victor Zsasz) Guard Duties

Imagine being Falcone’s daughter, and every time your dad is away for some sort of business; he placed, Victor Zsasz, in charge of keeping you safe. Victor noticed you didn’t talk much to anyone, but you soon opened up to him after those many times of being with him.

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Meeting In Arkham Asylum



Pacify Her

Jerome Valeska

Jerome’s Sister

Hospital For Souls Part 1


Arkham Asylum Crush


Come On Eileen


Teddy Bear

Mrs. Potato Head

Viktor Zsasz

Edward Nygma

Jarvis Tetch

Oswald Cobblepot


American Horror Story

James Patrick March

Beautiful Frankenstein

Warnings: A bit of swearing

Request: Can yoy do my requesting of a Jerome imagine where the reader puts Jerome’s face back on with needle and thread, lightly chastising him for using staples, to which he replies that the metal gave him an edge but she tells him that sowing it will make it heal faster.

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You never thought that you’d ever have to sew anything ever again after girl scouts. Especially not skin. But, of course Jerome never ceased to stay away from sharp objects or dangerous objects. So here you were peeling off your gorgeously handsome boyfriend’s face. The skin was hanging off his face with only  few staples left, that he put on on the way to your house. Meeting a staple you took some teasers and pulled it out.

“Why did you have to use staples?” You quietly asked him. “Its gross.”

You stuck your tongue out and gagged at Jerome. He cackled at you, and slapped his knee.

“Hold still J!”

“I’m sorry gorgeous you’re very amusing.” He said it both jokingly and sarcastically.

You rolled your eyes and pulled the last staple out. Putting them into a now  ruined little glass bowl.  You pulled a little bit harshly and he winced. Then proceeded to fakely hiss loudly.

“Yeah, yeah.” You murmured.

Cringing back you took the skin and held it up between your pointer finger and your thumb. Gently you laid it down on the table beside the small bowl of staples. Taking the needle you put the thread through it, getting it ready to sew Jerome’s face on.

“Why did you use staples?” You chastised more.

“Because it looked badass.” He whined, as he noticed you were chastising him.

“You looked like Frankenstein.”

He scoffed offended and slammed his hand on his heart. You giggled.

“Okay you have to hold still.”

“Do you really have to sew it?” He gave you a pouty lip.

“Well yeah.” You said confused.

“Why can’t I staple it?” He asked like a child. “It gave me an edge.”

Huffing you put your needle and thread down on the table. Then you proceeded to squat down meeting this level at which he was sitting.

“Jerome you have two choices. One, you can look like your old self and let me sew it so that you can heal. Or you can continue to tear up your skin and put staples in your face like Frankenstein.”

“Fine, fine, fine stitch me up princess.”

He sat up straight and closed his eyes. Slowly you lined the skin up with his face. Although it was gross you held it still without shaking. 

“Okay, handsome this is gonna sting.”

He chuckled and smiled, his face muscles pulled causing some blood to fall. You started sewing at the top of his head going slow. You looked down and saw Jerome’s hand clench the edge of the chair. Wincing you continued to stitch up his face. His skin was smooth and his muscles continued to bleed. You kept a wet towel for when the blood got onto the skin.  After around a careful hour of going very slow, his face was complete. 

“There you go sweetheart!”

“Fuck that wasn’t pleasant. But, then it was.”

You rolled your eyes and giggled as he pulled you into his lap. He kissed your cheek and spun you around to look at his new and improved face. You looked at your wonderful new piece of work.

“Jerome you better not fuck my masterpiece up,” You waved your hand from the top of his hand to the bottom of his chin. 

“Give it up gorgeous, i’m always beautiful.”


gotham villains | mental disorders (insp.)

↳ jerome valeska aka the joker. —sociopath as a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder (npd). 
↳ jonathan crane aka scarecrow. —phobia as a type of anxiety disorder.
↳ tabitha galavan aka tigress. —sadistic personality disorder (spd).
↳ harvey dent aka two face. —split personality or dissociative identity disorder (did).
↳ edward nygma aka the riddler. —obsessive–compulsive disorder (ocd).
↳ oswald cobblepot aka the penguin. —napoleon complex.
↳ victor zsasz aka zsasz —cold-blooded as a symptom of antisocial personality disorder (aspd).
↳ ivy “pamela” pepper aka poison ivy —manipulative as a symptom of histrionic personality disorder (hpd).
↳ nathaniel barnes aka the executioner. —intermittent explosive disorder (ied).
↳ jervis tetch aka mad hatter. —paranoid schizophrenia or schizophrenia, paranoid type (spt).

anonymous asked:

Don't know if it's been done already but what about if the villains had children- what would their names be and so on ??? Just curious

The Riddler: He’s a narcissist, so his kid would probably be named after him, Edward Jr. or Edilene if the kid’s a girl (call her Eddie or Ed). Hopefully, they’d have Riddler’s genius intellect and fondness for riddles, and he’d probably try to push that, but I imagine if his kid had different interests he’d encourage them anyway, because his father never encouraged his. If Riddler isn’t busy scheming (because no matter what, he always comes first) he’d go to sporting events and club meetings, and he’d hang up his kid’s drawings and stories on the fridge. He’d carry a picture of them with him, and gloat about his kids constantly, even if they’re pretty average.

Harley Quinn: Harley’s kids would probably have weird names. It’d all be on a whim, maybe based on what she was craving when she had them or an animal she saw or a celebrity she likes. Candy, Kitten, Halsey, it’s all random and probably strange. Maybe she’d pick a normal name that could be shortened to a quirky nickname. Her kids would be really rambunctious and high energy, because although she’d be a pretty decent parent compared to some others, she’d be the type of person to let them have cake for breakfast and say things like “boys will be boys” when they misbehaved.

Poison Ivy: While she probably wouldn’t have kids (and if she did, they’d be her and Harley’s kids) she’d name them after plants, naturally. She’d be strict, and teach her kid/s from a very young age to respect the planet and plants, and not trust other humans. If she and Harley had a kid (adoption, insemination, whatever floats your boat) They’d compromise on a name like Artemis, and their kid would be a destructive combination of their two personalities.

Black Mask: His kids would have masculine strong sounding names, no matter the gender. Roman has no patience for children, so they’d be raised by their mother or a nanny. They’d have everything they want in life, except for a loving, present father.

Penguin: Bird themed names, obviously. He’d be absent from their lives, but not as much as Black Mask. When the nanny is off, or their mother needs a break, he’d take them to the aviary or let them play with the penguins in a small “kid friendly” part of the Iceberg.

Harvey Dent: I have a headcanon that before two face, Harvey desperately wanted kids. He wanted the house with the white picket fence, and a yard where he could teach his kids how to throw a ball. He wanted the stereotypical suburban life. When they couldn’t sleep, He and Gilda would lay in bed together, picking out names for their future children. Of course, that didn’t go as planned. 

To be honest, I can’t see a lot of the rogues having or wanting children. They’d all be awful parents realistically. Of course, these are fictional super villains we’re talking about, so thinking about it realistically isn’t necessary.

 Maybe Hush would have a kid named Bruce, and sing him Hush Little Baby when he cried.

 Maybe Scarecrow would name his kids stupid stuff like Pain and Panic.

Maybe the MaD HaTtEr would adopt a little red head girl and name her Rosie. 

Maybe all the rogues would let their kids play together, maybe Joker is the weird uncle that watches the kids when everyone else is busy. 

Killer Croc would take the kids on rides on his back through the sewers, and tell them bed time stories. 

Victor Zsasz is for some reason trusted with Penguin’s youngest, strapped to his back as he tells his latest victim, drowning in their own blood, to be quiet and not wake the baby.

 Warren White teaches the kids to swim.

 When he puts their parents in Arkham, Batman makes sure the kids are looked after, and watches over them when they get older, dysfunctional teens exploring the night life. 

Jerome Valeska

A= Aftercare After Birth

In the hospital Jerome actually gets kinda nervous the first time you fall asleep after birth. When he sees you eyes close he immediately panics and feels your pulse. He also strokes your hair a lot, gives you head kisses, pet the top of both your hands, kisses your knuckles, strokes your cheeks, and kisses your nose a lot. He is in awe to see you be happy after birth. He’s even happier to see you and the baby together and smiling.

B= Baby

The baby looks just like Jerome. Like I mean exact. When you see them together for the first time its like Jerome is looking in a mirror. Its so cute, it gives you enough energy to take a picture on your phone. He also born with a head of red hair. Soft red hair, its so hard to keep the little hat on because its fun to touch and feel. When the hat goes on you just sit and stroke Jerome’s hair because it feels similar. 

C= Care Taking

When you bring the baby home Jerome mostly takes care of him. He literally is so good with your son in every single way. Jerome’s big smile makes the baby stop crying completely. When he changes the baby’s diaper he can do it well and very fast. Lastly, the baby loves when Jerome feeds him baby food because Jerome tries it first and spits it out. Then he swears and washes it out of his mouth. The baby laughs and Jerome sticks the food in his little mouth. 

D= Delivery

On the day of the delivery Jerome acts crazier than he ever has around you. He laughs at everything, he tells the doctors how they are “fucking stupid cogs”, he takes tools off the tray and throw them into the wall, lastly he almost killed one of the nurses who kept telling you to breath. It made him mad because your were breathing hard and this lady wouldn’t shut up. When you went into delivery Jerome got serious and whispered things into your ear and gave you kisses until the pain was over.

E= Emergencies

During the pregnancy there weren’t many emergencies. The only major one was when you started feeling horrible pains in your stomach. You woke Jerome up and he kissed your stomach, paced around the room, and sweared his head off. Afterward he held you really close and talked to the baby about calming down. Then he calmed you down. 

F= First Time Seeing the Baby

When Jerome first saw the baby he laughed like it was a joke. Until the baby was in his arms, then a single tear fell from his face. He fell in love with the kid. Never feeling any family love (mom, dad, sibling, etc.) he realized how much he really wanted a family. When you first saw the baby it was an instant connection like a usual mother. Although you were quite nervous about how Jerome felt. 

G= Gender (s)

Its a little boy (the first kid anyhow).

H= Hair Color

Red and Orange just like his papa

I= Illness

You don’t get sick as much as usual pregnant women. You mostly only get sick when you eat sour food. But, surprisingly enough the blood Jerome brings around the house. And trust me he gets it everywhere. Even on you, when he comes home he will sometimes forget about what he did. So, when you wake up its everywhere on your clothes.

J= Jumping

Jerome makes you jump more when your pregnant unless your on stairs. He likes to scare you because your more vulnerable and emotional when your pregnant. If it makes you cry he’ll apologize and hold you (if you let him). Towards the end of the pregnancy he stops scaring you because he’s afraid the baby may just come out.

K= Keeping the Baby?

There actually was a conversation about it. Jerome actually wanted to keep the child. He said it was because he “wanted a legacy”. But, in reality he wanted a family to love. You wanted the baby but, Jerome’s killing people worried you. That Karma might come for Jerome. At the end of the night you both kept the baby.

L= Love

There is always love to go around your little family. For an example. When you first brought the baby home Jerome actually got scared that the baby would die because of something little. So, around 2:00 AM in the morning Jerome went into the babies room and brought him into your bedroom. When he came in you were awake because you knew Jerome got up. he brought the baby over to the bed and laid down. There Jerome laid the small baby boy on his chest and you both talked to him and touched him. 

M= Movement

When you were pregnant the baby moved around all the time. Jerome put his head on your stomach a lot, put his hands on your stomach, and kissed your stomach. When Jerome wasn’t around you talked to the baby about him. Like the stuff he did or the stuff he did in he circus. 

N= Name

Jack Taylor Valeska

O= On Time

The baby actually came a bit early. The due date was August 21st but ended out being August 16th. 

P= Pain

There was actually more pain in before he was born. At home you would have some random pain more. The pains at the hospital were more expected. The ones before at home were not. 

Q= Questions

You didn’t really have any. Your mother mostly taught you about everything. He asked himself one question more than the rest.This question was “Will the baby love me?” And of course the baby loves him

R= Resting

Jerome constantly makes you rest before and after you give birth. If he sees you do anything with too much standing or movement he goes “nope”. Then he carries you to the couch or bed. He makes you stay there for the rest of the day/night. 

S= Singing to the Baby

Jerome sing the big top song to the baby before and after he’s born.You sing any song that comes into your head. When you do that you try not to say the swear words.

T= Talking to the Baby

Jerome is the more constant one. He feels like the baby really wants to hear his voice constantly. You usually tell him that the baby loves his voice and loves him. Which makes him talk even more. You love to pet his hair when he talks to the baby. Even if its  not always sweet.

U= Underneath the Man/Womans Heart

Underneath Jerome’s wonderful ego he wants a family to love him. He also wants to love a family for once. He wants a family that he won’t resent and want to kill. He just wants to be truly happy with the people that he really love.

V= Vision as in Supervision

Jerome probably watches over both of you a lot. He doesn’t want the only things he loves to be destroyed. That would literally make him kill all of Gotham City. He tries to make the three of you stay close when he comes home. You send him pictures of the both of you constantly to reassure him that your okay. 

W= When the Baby is Born

Both of you end up completely in love with barely any problems at first. Jerome feels an amazing sensation with the three of you together. It makes him overjoyed. His heart feels every emotion and touch.

X= Xray or Ultrasound

You didn’t really go to regular appointments. Although you did have one ultrasound picture. It was from when you first figured out you were pregnant. That’s how you told Jerome. You folded the picture and put it in his old police hat. Then you walked into the room and put it on his head. You then started making breakfast. Eventually Jerome figured out and started laughing insanely. Eventually you told him it wasn’t a joke. He told you that he knew but, he was just really really happy. 

Y= Yawning

The first time the baby yawned Jerome was holding him. You were all three falling asleep in you and Jerome’s bed. He was stroking the babies back and he yawned quietly and then snuggled his head into Jerome’s big hand. 


Usually the baby falls fast asleep quickly. He stays asleep almost all night. Which worries Jerome a lot because your mom told stories about you crying at night. So, Jerome usually goes into the babies room and feels his pulse. Once he knows the baby is okay Jerome crawls back into bed with you.

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Two of His Worst Nightmares

Warning: Small hit

Request: Heyyyy so I saw the Young Bruce Wayne request thing. Can you do one where Bruce has a nightmare and maybe some violence?? I don’t know your amazing Liza, you’ll figure it out.

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Slowly your eyes opened hearing a loud and fast heartbeat up against your ear. And then you felt nothing at all, sitting up Bruce had rolled over. He was sweating horribly, his white shirt looked like someone had thrown water all over it. You could see his spine and back muscles coming out of his shirt. Rubbing your eye you shook his shoulders and tried to wake him up saying

“Bruce, Bruce.”

No reaction. His face tensed up and you touched his hair trying to calm his down in his sleep. It was soaking wet, you wiped your hand on your pillow. Then you shook him again.

“Bruce come on wake up, Bruce.”

He continued to not respond other than mumbles, crying, and rolling. You reached over and turned on the small lamp on the nightstand. Now, you could really see him. He had scratched his own arm during one of his more violent movements. Ready to try again you put your hand on his arm. He shot up and hit you directly in the nose. Gasping you put your hands on your nose, as he looked around with tears on his cheeks. Your nose began to bruise a bit where the initial hit was. Then he turned his head at you. Quickly you took your hands off your nose and wrapped your arms around Bruce’s shoulders lovingly kissing his neck. And of course making sure he didn’t see your nose. He hung his head and kissed your hands. Then he decided to pull you into his lap. He saw your nose and completely stopped. He stared and then put his face in his hands.

“Bruce it’s okay. You didn’t mean it.”

He sat up and just started madly apologizing, gasping for air as fast as he was talking. You tried to shush him and calm him down. Bruce finally chilled out a little bit and looked at you. He refused to talk.

“I’m gonna clean you up.” You smiled and touched his cheek.

You got up and retrieved a dry towel, a cold towel, a shirt, a new pillowcase, and a first aid kit. You took the dry towel and wiped off his face, took off his shirt and wiped the sweat off his chest and back. Then you gave him his shirt and he put it on. Then you wiped his face off, kissed his head gently. Lastly you put the cold towel on his arm where the cut was and then put wrap on it. You reached over turned off the light and rolled into Bruce’s chest. His chest tensed and you pulled him closer.

“It’s okay Bruce.” You whispered.

You took his arms and wrapped them around your waist. He eventually pulled you closer…