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Okay so in Batman Beyond there's an episode where Bruce and Terry go see a 'Batman Musical', just imagine that goes on in Gotham and Jason finds out and asks(forces/tricks) the batfam to go.

i’m finally answering this! i had a really rough week, which is why this took a while, but i kept thinking about this prompt and laughing, so thank you for that.

and on that note: are you serious, that’s amazing. i vaguely remember watching batman beyond but i don’t actually remember all that much about it. i’ll need to look this up.

but yes. yes. i want this to be a Thing.

i want to imagine it as something between holy musical b@man! and the ember island players. like. just picture the kind of crazy misinformed shit that these people are tossing into the mix because what’s the truth and what’s the lie, no one knows, they’re going to make a musical about batman and his however many kids/sidekicks anyway

(they people putting on this play are probably college students)

(stephanie has probably dropped by to help with set designs and laughed herself sick in the process)

getting back on track, how does jason find out about it?

there are two ways i think it could happen. one: jason loves lit. we know this. he collected first editions with alfred and bruce when he was a kid. in my personal experience, if you like lit, you almost definitely like theater in some sense as well. at the very least you’ve read plays. 

jason holds his goddamn red hood helmet like he’s hamlet and it’s yorick.

trust me, he likes plays.

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Dick and Stephanie both have a passionate love for musicals, and they frequently do duets in the living room while their siblings and Bruce are trying not to cover their ears because both are unaware that they’re completely tone deaf. But that doesn’t make them any less fabulous, and their rendition of You’re The One That I Want from Grease is quite a showstopper. When the local Gotham theater was holding auditions for West Side Story, they got super excited and went to try out together. It was quite a performance, and while they didn’t get the parts, their enthusiasm never diminished. They also reserve one night every month to watching musicals together at the manor, and sometimes Cass and Jason join them. 

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Hi! I just can't stop thinking about a jaydick dancer AU and was hoping you could write something for it!

So I’ve always liked the idea of a ballet dancer Dick Grayson and I think this was a fun way to explore that. Enjoy!

Pas de Deux

“Come on, Jason,” Roy said, waving the small pieces of paper in Jason’s face. “Kori cancelled and I know it would look super pathetic if I went by myself.”

“Would you?” Jason asked as he turned the page in his book despite not catching any words in the chapter he was reading. Roy had been too preoccupied with bothering him. “People go to shows like this alone all the time.” 

“But I spent money on the tickets,” Roy whined. 

Jason was about to retort but Roy threw himself over Jason, who lifted up his book with a frown. “You are five.” 

Roy looked at him, “You’re the cultured one,” he said. “You should be all over this.”

“It’s the you part that I’m worried about,” Jason said as he set his book down on the coffee table, shoving Roy off of him in the process. “Do you remember when we watched the opera?”

“Yeah, but this one is going to be way more exciting,” Roy said. 

Jason snatched the tickets out of Roy’s hand. “Roy, they use Swan Lake as a lullaby.” He didn’t hand the tickets back and Roy noticed that, a smirk growing on his face. 

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