gotham still needs you

mr ed “i want you to suffer as ive suffered” nygma

sir when have you suffered in your life, ever. oh boo hoo, i killed my girlfriend then chopped her body into pieces, poor poor me. my new plot point clone girlfriend i knew for a week got killed but oh i loved her sooooooo much. pity me, i deserve soo much SYMPATHY

Joker imagine first meeting

Joker imagine

Meeting Mr. J at he’s club where you’re a dancer.

You only been in living in Gotham for a little over a month now and still needed a job, you left your crazy family for a new start, why did you come to Gotham of all places? You don’t know something just drawn you there.

You were walking down the street after not getting the job at the local cafe, defeated. What were you going to do now?

As you continues walking you realized that you where in front of a club Smile & Grin, you needed to go into the club for some reason. You walked in and went to the bar.

“Can I help you?” The bartender asked
“Umm. Do you have any job openings maybe?”

“We need a new dancer go talk to Frost in the back about it.”

“Thanks”.you walk into the back of the club, behind the stage and after talking to Frost you got the job.


You’ve been working at the club for a month now a nd still haven’t met the owner, it was weird that no one mention him, the other dancer always seemed scared when you asked about him it made you nervous.
You were sitting at your Vanity and applying your make up when Janet another dance runs into the room.

“H-he’s here”, she said, Everyone admittedly started to panic and run like chicken with their heads cut off. Before I can ask what was going on the door slammed open and the room grew quiet.

Frost entered the room, but I wasn’t him who had everyone attention, standing behind him was a tall man with Green hair, pale, and the brightest Blue eyes you every seen. He was gorgeous, wearing a purple jacket, black pants and a cane in his hand. Who was this, where was everyone afraid.

“Good evening Ladies”, he Voice sent a chill down your spine. “I heard we have a new dancer, Where is she?” No one moved but all their eyes landed on me. He followed their eyes before they met mine. I couldn’t look away from his eyes, they pulled me in and trapped me. I got lost into to them, where I felt a tap on my forehead.

“Hello anyone home?” I zoned back in to see the Man staying in front of me, had he been speaking to me?

“I’m sorry did you say something?” I looked around and saw that all the girls looked terrified. He growled. Before ordering me to tell him my name.

I raised my Eyebrows “and why should I listen to your orders, sir? I said sweetly

He growled again, what is he problem.

"I’m the Owner on this Club, of this Town, I’m the Joker.” I just stared at him, “and..” something told me to be afraid and not to push him but I just had to, something in me said to.
“Everyone out NOW, he screamed. I rolled my eyes as everyone left, ask soon as the last person was gone he hand wrapped around my throat. I gasped for air,but it seemed the more I struggled the tighter his hand became.

"You have a little mouth on you. You talk back, no one talks backs to me” pushing my luck I squeaked out “I do” he paused, before breaking out into a loud insane Laugh. He laughed long and hard before removing his hand. “ I like you kitten, you have an attitude on you.” I smiled and nodded.“ Well I have a dance to do so if you could be so kind and leave.” He held up his hands and laughed again, “I look forward to it kitten see you at there” And he left the room.
Maybe Gotham was a good place to move.


We got monsters to find. And you’ll find them. I have to go. But this city’s in danger. You got this. I know you do. And I have more important things to do. But… And Harvey… Yeah? You’re the boss now. Maybe get a haircut?

And I Still Love Him.

Relationship: Friends to Lover

Character: Bruce Wayne

Warning: None

A/N: The italic bold word are from the end of National Anthem by Lana Del Rey. I love song fics and this was kinda my attempt at one.  

And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that
he was the only one for me.
We both knew it, right away.

“Thank you, everyone, for come and supporting us in the grand endeavor.” Thomas Wayne smiled over the clapping crowd, his wife Martha and son Bruce stood in the front clapping. As he got off the stage, the music started to play, and everyone was buzzing around Thomas. Congratulating him on his newest project, Martha quickly saved her husband from the crowd.
“Dear I don’t think we should have brought Bruce. There is no one here his age.” Thomas was about to agree till he saw the head of the project walking around with a little girl. Thomas gestured for Bruce to follow him and Martha, the three walked over to the man.
“Lucas, how are you?” Martha spoke.
“I’m doing great Mrs. Wayne.” He smiled, the little girl quickly hiding behind her father.
“Call me Martha please and who is that hiding behind you?”
“Oh, this is my daughter Y/N. Y/N this is Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, and that is their son Bruce.” The little girl peeked out from behind her father giving a soft hello.
“This is her first time at something like this since my sitter called out.”
“Lucas why don’t you let Martha take Y/N and Bruce to get something to eat and rest. I’m sure she is tired.”

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Artist Appreciation

Wow! I never expected to be tagged by so many amazing people! Thank you so much; you’ve all made me feel really loved these past couple days. ❤ I don’t know if I’m going to do a list or not as I tend to prefer to send out individual messages to all the amazing creatives in this fandom. 

In the meantime, I would like to give a shoutout to all those who aren’t being tagged. To the writers and artists and graphic editors and musicians and modders and headcanon creators and meta analyzers and ANYONE who creates content for their fandoms: YOU ARE AMAZING! 

To those with no followers, to those just starting out, to those who’ve been at this for years but whose work has never really been noticed: YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

It’s intimidating to put your work out there, especially if you’ve never done it before. But whether you get zero notes or a thousand, you and your work are fantastic! If it’s a stick figure drawing because that’s all you can do–amazing! If your writing switches tenses and is riddled with spelling mistakes–amazing! If you can’t get the right hue on your edits so everything looks too red–still amazing! No matter how extravagant or simple, you should absolutely be proud of what you’ve done because you made something. Art, fiction, edits, mods, ideas: whatever is it, you made something that didn’t exist before and that is incredible and shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

So to all those who see these posts drowning tumblr but never with their name on it, to all those who try but have never quite caught on, to those who are new and nervous, to everyone out there who creates content: be proud of your work. Be proud of yourself.  ❤


There are very few things on this God-forsaken planet that truly make Edward Nygma happy. A stimulating puzzle, a clever pun, a particularly inventive method of delivering a well-deserved death. But not a single one of these things could ever hold a candle to Oswald’s pale, bloodshot eyes staring into his own.”

The Bird and the Worm Chapter Five: Hysteria

By: @okimi79 and @riddlelvr