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“Shall we?” - Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79​ and @riddlelvr

Lost Series - Part Seven

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Warning : Smut .. Kinda.. Lol.

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“Just stay away from Theo, please?” I asked Jerome.

He rolled his eyes, “he got us out of Arkham, doll. And in case you didn’t realize.. We’re kinda living with him. Plus, I don’t really have anything against him.”

“I do though! I don’t trust him and if I don’t then you shouldn’t either.” I spoke, sitting next to the ginger.

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Lost Souls Forever - SilentSinger, rissalf - Gotham (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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The time has come, gentle readers, to wrap this little tale of ours up. This is personally very likely to be my last fic for this pairing, and so - for the final time - Fort Problematic Productions sincerely hopes you enjoy:


Both Lee and Ed are going through similar struggles. They are both heading down the path of self destruction

Lost Series // Part Nine

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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Sorry if it’s kind of confusing.. I wanted it to be a little more interesting with Y/N getting her memories back and regular flashbacks just didn’t seem right. Lol. Oh and still not rewatching the episode so it’s not word for word. xx

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Italics are memories ..

My breath was heavy and I couldn’t move my eyes away from the chair in front of me. It felt as if I just woke up from a coma. Different memories came back in flashes. At first it all came back, different pictures moving around my mind so fast I couldn’t make sense of it. It didn’t feel like memories. It felt like a movie that I’ve seen one too many times.

For the first time after being revived, I turned to look at Jerome. A gasp leaving me as I saw his face. I quickly pulled my hand up to cover my gaping mouth. Jerome noticed this and frowned slightly before allowing a haunting grin to overtake his features.

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No, but did you stop to think about how Ed shot his best friend? Maybe, his only friend??

Edward is a man, who for the first season, struggled to communicate with people around him. He did his best to make people like him. He would tell many jokes and riddles as a way to break the ice and get people interested. Maybe think of him as that one guy who’s always cracking jokes. But it never really worked.

Then in season two, he saves this guy and nurses him back to health. In return, Ed got an unexpected friendship. He wasn’t judged for the crimes he committed, nor was he ever ridiculed. Instead, he got a pleasant company. He got the chance to cook meals, engage in meaningful conversations, got to be annoyed by someone calling him while he’s at work. He got to play the piano for someone and sing along with them. He had someone with whom he got to create melodious and harmonious music.

In the interim of season two and three, we find out that Oswald kept meeting Ed while he was admitted in the asylum. They didn’t have to, but they did because in this chaotic world of Gotham, these two had formed an unlikely friendship that had managed to remain untainted and untouched by the horrors of selfish greed.

Finally in season three, Edward is released, he is declared to be legally sane. He has gotten a second chance at life, a chance to be a different and better person. When he thinks he has no job, he is given one by Oswald. This friend harbors him, shelters him, clothes him and feeds him. He is given an important job, one that actually puts Edward’s skills to good use and challenges him on a daily basis. He is given recognition not only by the media but is also continuously thanked and appreciated by his friend. His best friend.

So of course Edward will want to do anything for Oswald. Oswald has already done so much for him. He has given him a second chance, a chance and hope to do better and be better and that’s all that Ed wants for Oswald to. He knows that Oswald lives for genuine love and sincerity. That’s what they both appreciate and want. For people to just see them and appreciate them for who they are.

That’s why when Edward finds out about Oswald’s betrayal, he is heartbroken. He hadn’t expected that from his friend. From his best friend. The friend who had always wanted his happiness and goodwill at heart. He didn’t want to believe it and didn’t believe it and in some ways he still can’t. It’s why he didn’t immediately kill him. It would have been oh so easy for him to do so. He instead took his time to really hurt Oswald. To break him and destroy him just the way Ed has been. It’s not only because he lost his chance at second love, but it’s because he lost his best friend as well. He lost the two people he held closest to his heart all in one go.

Tabitha, Butch and Barbara aren’t his friends. They were just tools to be used. His one and only friend was Oswald and now he lost him.

Lost Series - Part Six

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Read the AN at the bottom !!!

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Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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Sitting on my bed, I stared at the box in front of me. For some reason, I couldn’t being myself to open it. Part of me felt a deep fear for what might be inside it. Another part of me thought it might not even have anything of importance inside. I knew I should just get over myself and open it. I lit a cigarette when my door opened. Jerome waltzed in and jumped onto my bed.

“You all good, sweet cheeks?” He spoke with a smile.

I rolled my eyes, “I still haven’t forgiven you for basically sending Dobbie to his deathbed. So leave before I rip your face off, pretty boy.” I spoke strongly, blowing the smoke in his face. He just smirked.

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Gotham Gotham Gotham!!

So I needed 1000 more years of Eddie and Ozzie’s escape - we didn’t even get to see how they got all blood splattered :(

But I suppose the other stuff was important too :p

And I did enjoy Alfred being badass and Selina starting to isolate herself more into a dark, self-serving path

(I appreciate Lee getting more personal development too, but I’m afraid her logic is somewhat… impenetrable… to me rn - she thinks she deserves punishment for Mario’s death, okay, but… how does that translate into taking the virus?? …is she… willingly sacrificing her sanity in order to gain the necessary power to punish Jim, is that it?)

But yeah - EDDIE & OZZIE! ngl, it wasn’t really what I was hoping for, but it was still great, I chuckled lots and lots :) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE EDDIE’S CONSTANT GLEE about the whole situation, like, he is SO PSYCHED to have Ozzie back to pit himself against, did you SEE how big and bright and excited his smile was at the end?? that wasn’t hiding anger or bitterness, that was simple DELIGHT, like if nothing else Ozzie has given him a challenge, though I wonder if maybe it’s more like a PURPOSE, since he really did seem kinda lost when he was meeting Katherine, as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself as The Riddler, but now he knows exactly what to do - oh oh! just like Eddie gave Oz something to live for (’revenge’), now Ozzie has given Ed something concrete to live for ie. ‘fighting Oz.’ Aww. Bless them both providing the murder necessary to keep each other going :p

Also their honorable keeping to the deal at the end was BEAUTIFUL, not only because either one of them could have chosen to break the pact, but because they didn’t count down to dropping their weapons or anything, that whole moment was completely silent and just them acting instinctively in sync, each of them perfectly trusting the other to disarm, ugh, I LOVE!

Eddie praising Oz on his fake death and Ozzie joking that he’s had practice was really SWEET as well - like, they both continued on their way chuckling together over that and it was silly and companionable and stuff. Want each other dead my foot! (also who came up with that distraction plan anyways? why not have Ozzie fake killing Ed, since he was the one making the knife and all? did you just want the chance to hold Ozzie close, Ed? ;p it’s alright, you can admit it, I understand)

Yeah… looking forward to their upcoming Mr and Mrs Smith type war I think…

Fictional Gemini couples
  • Gemini X Aries: Mulan & Li Shang (Mulan)
  • Gemini X Taurus: Peter Pan & Wendy (Peter Pan)
  • Gemini X Gemini: Thomas & Teresa (Maze Runner)
  • Gemini X Cancer: Leo & Caylpso (HOO)
  • Gemini X Leo: Draco & Harry (Harry Potter)
  • Gemini X Virgo: Penguin & Nygma (GOTHAM)
  • Gemini X Libra: Thomas & Brenda (maze runner)
  • Gemini X Scorpio: Beast Boy & Raven (Teen Titans)
  • Gemini X Sagittarius: River Song & 11th Doctor (Doctor Who)
  • Gemini X Capricorn: Lois Lane & Superman (superman)
  • Gemini X Aquarius: Claire Bennet & Gretchen (Heroes)
  • Gemini X Pisces: Kate & Jack (LOST)

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Hey, can I request Jerome x reader where reader finds out that she has a very hard to be cured disease and doesn't want to tell Jerome but eventually the pain gets really unbearable and he notices? He takes care of her and you can end it with a happy end or let Jerome suffer from the loss of reader *though I secretly hope for a happy ending, haha*♥️ Loved your previous imagine so much!

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x reader

Warnings: a bit of cursing 

A/N: I’m soooooo sorry this took so long and that it’s probably not worth the time you waited for me to write it…sorry don’t hate me please? I love you! 😍 


«Y/N Y/L/N! Doctor is waiting for you» you stood up and followed the nurse.
You entered a white room.
«Ms Y/L/N! It’s nice to see you again» man that was sitting at the desk smiled at you.
«I want to say the same thing to you but can’t»
«Yea I understand why. So I have your results right here and I think that the news are what people call good»
«Fuck» you whispered under your breathe

Since that day your life changed a bit. A bit of you always wanted to die, but not from a fucking heart disease and not now, not when you finally found someone who cared about you.

You quietly stepped in to your apartment, taking off your shoes.
«Hey! Where’ve you been, doll? You woke up earlier than me, nonsense!» J looked down at you
«Yea I know, wanted some water and couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to go for a walk»
«Next time you decide to go for a walk leave a note or something, I was worried sick» Ginger kissed your forehead.
«Fine» you sighed.
You were lying. You woke up not because you were thirsty, you woke up because of the pain in your chest. Pain started a while ago. At first it was just an uncomfortable feeling, but then it became stronger.
You didn’t tell Jerome, he already had a lot of things to worry about plus you didn’t want to be pathetic. Eventually you would have to tell him, but not now and you also needed to find the right way to present it to him.
But right now you were happy. J was sitting at the table telling you about Gallavan’s evil plans. You knew who Jerome was, it didn’t scare you, it even attracted you.
You felt a new wave of pain building up in your chest.
«And then he wants us to…is everything alright, cupcake? You look pale.  Jerome looked at you with the worried expression on his face.
«It’s just a headache»
«Are you sure you don’t want to go to the doctor? You’ve having this headaches quite often lately.»
«Believe there’s nothing serious I’m sure it’s just because of the wether»
«If you say so»

A month passed and now any tome there was a pain in your chest you could barely keep yourself from screaming. You bought painkillers, but they did practically nothing.
When ginger wasn’t home you didn’t even bother to keep yourself. You just screamed into the pillow.
You woke up one night because of the crazy pain. Groaning quietly you carefully slipped out of the bed, trying not to wake Jerome up. You walked to the bathroom. You opened a little cabinet besides mirror. You took your pill bottle and opened it.
«No» you whispered «No no no no» you slipped on the wall. You closed your mouth with your hands growling in them. «I can’t» you whispered before a loud scream escaped your mouth. Tears started falling down your cheeks.
«Y/N?!» You heard loud footsteps before tall ginger appeared in front of you.
«Y/N? What happened? Are you hurt? Tell me what happened, doll!» He kneeled near you cupping your face with both of his hands.
«It hurts» you cried «It hurts so fucking much» you sobbed.
Jerome examined you for any physical damage, when he found nothing he wrapped his hands around you and hugged you tightly. «Everything’s gonna be fine, doll»
You screamed into Jerome’s chest once more.
He squeezed you tighter.
You both sat on the bathroom floor for fifteen more minutes. You were crying and Jerome tried to calm you down, stroking your hair and whispering to your ear that everything is going to be fine.
Now Jerome lifted you and placed you under the sheets and eventually you fell asleep.
When you woke up Jerome wasn’t near you. You stood up and walked to the kitchen. Your ginger was standing there next to the stove cooking something.
«Hey» you said carefully
«Hey» Jerome looked at you and placed a plate with pancakes in front of you. «Eat and then you’ll have a whole bunch of explanation to do»
You stared at your pancakes avoiding eye contact with the ginger.
When you finished your breakfast there was an uncomfortable silence.
«What the hell happened at night?» Jerome was the first one to speak
«I’m sick and not not like a cold or something…I’m…I’m…dearly sick» you croaked, a nasty lump forming in your throat
«You…what?» Jerome backed up a bit «You…you’re…you can’t be…wh-why didn’t you tell me?» You saw ginger’s eyes started to glisten.
«I know! J, listen I’m sorry I-I didn’t want you to worry about me and..» You were interrupted by Jerome
«You didn’t want me to worry about you» he huffed «If I didn’t worry about you I wouldn’t be with you, I wouldn’t tell you who I am! I care about you and always will cause I fucking love you!» Jerome started screaming, tears threatening to fall from his eyes.
«Jerome, I’m so sorry» you came to Jerome and hugged him tightly burying your nose in his chest, but Jerome didn’t hug you back
«What can we do?»
«There’s something we can possibly do to…save you»

A month passed since the unofficial king of Gotham nearly lost his queen. But now everything was fine. Jerome and Y/N together…as always…