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Ed was right. I thought I loved him because he saw me as no one had since my mother, but I killed Isabelle. Because I wouldn’t share him. Ed said love is sacrifice. I should have been able to sacrifice my happiness for his. I couldn’t, but I’m ready now.

Lost Series - Part Six

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Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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Sitting on my bed, I stared at the box in front of me. For some reason, I couldn’t being myself to open it. Part of me felt a deep fear for what might be inside it. Another part of me thought it might not even have anything of importance inside. I knew I should just get over myself and open it. I lit a cigarette when my door opened. Jerome waltzed in and jumped onto my bed.

“You all good, sweet cheeks?” He spoke with a smile.

I rolled my eyes, “I still haven’t forgiven you for basically sending Dobbie to his deathbed. So leave before I rip your face off, pretty boy.” I spoke strongly, blowing the smoke in his face. He just smirked.

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Oswald: Oh my God, my angel, my love, you’re alright! *mother hen-ing all over the place*

Ed: So I found this chick Isabella, and I think I’m in love! *tee hee!*

Me: *rocking back and forth* *singing through sobs* It’s not right but it’s okay I’m gonna make it anyway.

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Hello! I am not necessarily new to comics or anything but i want to read more stuff with the bat kids! Where do you recommend starting or what are some of your favorite volumes or anything featuring them? Thank you!


Some of my favorites are:

Batman Arkham Knight: Genesis

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight annual

Batman Arkham Knight Batgirl and Harley Quinn


Lil Gotham

Redhoods lost days

Redhood and the squad and Redhood and the squad 2.0

Red Robin Yum

Agent 007

Damian and his quest

Here are some recommendation lists I found really helpful :) :

List of recommendation 1

List of recommendation 2

You can start with whichever one you prefer to read first, have fun reading! :)

9 Pop Culture Villains You’re Secretly Rooting For

You know that feeling when you realize you have a soft spot for the evil guy? For us, it started with THE YOUNG ELITES heroine Adelina, who, even though she’s descending into darkness, is totally awesome – and we have her back 100%. Sometimes you just have to accept that you’re secretly rooting for the bad guy and THAT’S OK. Read on for 9 we think deserve it!

1. Cersei from Game of Thrones

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Ok yes, you certainly performed some questionable deeds but NO ONE deserves that infamous walk through town…

2. Malificent

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Getting to witness your old favorite Disney movie from the antagonist’s perspective is actually awesome, and we kinda feel like Malificent’s evilness is justified after getting to know her back story. 

3. Adelina from The Young Elites

When you’ve been mistreated your whole life and it seems like everyone who likes you only likes you because of your dark powers, it TOTALLY makes sense that you’d want a little bit of revenge. Plus Adelina’s powers are out-of-this-world cool and even though we feel like cringing when she wields them, we can’t help but cheer her on.

4. The Penguin from Gotham

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Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to tear our eyes away from someone with such sadistic inclinations masked by perfect politeness?

5. Tom Riddle/Voldemort from Harry Potter

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Yes, Voldemort is the worst, but as the series go on and we get to know the boy who became a monster…feelings get complicated.

6. Magneto

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Moving asteroids, manipulating chemical structures, teleporting, and becoming invisible barely scrape the surface of your resume. We know where respect is due. 

7. Benjamin Linus from Lost

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So eerie, so methodical…you’re quite simply a maniac but for some reason you utterly captivate us.

8. Moriarty from Sherlock

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We can’t help being a little obsessed with the character who completely overhauled our definition of creepy.

9. The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who

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There’s something to be said for one of the most original monsters we’ve ever come across. Feeding off of the potential energy of someone’s life by sending them back in time?? Utterly terrifying, but kinda awesome.

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#I will maintain till the day I die that edward nygma was not okay with what he was about to do #and any relief he felt at actually pulling the trigger was momentary #because he regretted it instantly and you can’t convince me otherwise

Lost in Gotham (Part 10)

Also to be known as “my favorite part to write so far”. I hope you enjoy!

Summary: The reader lives in a city pretty far from Gotham. Her friends convince her to go to a club with them, where she meets a mysterious man with green hair and tattoos. She spends some time with him, dancing and… a little more. A few weeks later, she discovers that she’s pregnant. That same day, she sees a news report about a crime committed by a man who looks a lot like the man she met at the club. The news claims that he’s the Joker, Gotham’s clown prince of crime, and that he’s fled back to his city. The reader decides to travel to Gotham to find him, where she runs into many challenges–Batman, the Joker’s ex and Queen of Gotham City herself, Harley Quinn, as well as the decision of what to do about the baby.

Warning(s): Smut. Daddy kink. Smut. Did I mention there’s smut? Because there is.

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Trolls in Gotham Part 2: Bular

-Patrolling the sewers of Gotham Bular has gotten lost multiple times, every time he thought he got the lay of the tunnels down pat another old wall would crumble revealing a section of the old sewers or a super villain carved tunnel would be discovered. He has begun cursing how big Gotham’s sewers were in comparison to Arcadia’s.

-During a deeper exploration of the sewers Bular ended up confronting a recently escaped Killer Croc in the middle of the Rogue’s lair. Annoyed by the trespassing Croc threatened to eat the troll, Bular found this amusing and purposefully antagonized Jones into a fight. The ensuing five hour battle between the two behemoths ended with neither having a filled belly, only a plethora of scratches/bite marks and retreats from the both of them.

-As the streets of Gotham are rarely empty Bular hasn’t had much trouble hunting down meals, its when the meals fight back that he has the trouble. He was picking vines out of the cracks of his stone for a month after trying to snack on a disguised Poison Ivy.

-If there was any group he’s come to hate just as much as the trollhunters its the Batfamily and the GCPD. All of them were humans but all seem to have some level of fearlessness towards him, very agitating to say the least. One run in with Batman and Robin actually landed Bular in a holding cell at the GCPD usually meant for Croc. His threats to passing officers at most got a jump and least earned him comments like “Sure you will buddy,” or “Great another freak for Arkham.” If Nomura and Strickler hadn’t busted him out he may have ended up sharing a cell next to Croc.