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Got This Sin in Her Brain [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Author’s Note: I would greet y’all a Happy Valentine’s Day since this is a Valentine’s Day fic, but… it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore lol. I did start writing it the day of, to be fair, but it took a while since I haven’t written prose lately (more poetry, for class) and by the time I finished it was past 1! Hope this is okay. I was liking it when I first started but as I gradually got more tired I wasn’t sure if what I wrote was even good haha.

Word Count: 2,417

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So I have this headcanon for Gotham, that when Oswald becomes a crime lord again, he takes Ed to his suit tailor and is like We’re gonna get you a nice suit because real men murder in style and Ed is all like Ooooh I’m so excited and Oswald is all happy that Ed’s finally going to stop looking like a dork but then Ed comes out of the tailor in this BRIGHT ASS GREEN suit (because this is the Riddler everyone) and Oswald is all like Jesus Christ why and the tailor is like I’m so sorry he insisted on this I couldn’t stop him please don’t kill me and my family.

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"My love? Something is missing from our secret room. I can feel something is off...." gothams-new-rabbit

Bunny walked up to Jack and rose an eyebrow. “What do you think is missing…?” She asked, walking to the secret room suspiciously.
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