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Got This Sin in Her Brain [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Author’s Note: I would greet y’all a Happy Valentine’s Day since this is a Valentine’s Day fic, but… it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore lol. I did start writing it the day of, to be fair, but it took a while since I haven’t written prose lately (more poetry, for class) and by the time I finished it was past 1! Hope this is okay. I was liking it when I first started but as I gradually got more tired I wasn’t sure if what I wrote was even good haha.

Word Count: 2,417

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my endless list of plot bunnies: Karina Markovnikova

Headlines in Gotham City were filled with one thing the day after Karina Markovnikova was arrested: The Bloody Ballerina. Pictures of her dancing on stage covered in the blood of her ballet teacher made front page news, convincing everybody that Karina was a deranged psychopath who murdered a man in cold blood. Despite the relenting press, the girl still pleaded with authorities that she was innocent. She almost managed to convince Detective Gordon of the GCPD that she wasn’t crazy. But the truth never stays hidden for long in Gotham, and the delusional ballerina is soon sent off to Arkham Asylum. Nobody could’ve known what would happen next. Not even Jim Gordon could’ve known the young girl would find herself in the arms of a young boy as mad as she was. Nobody could’ve known about the chaos they had in store for Gotham City. 

Who’s the Boss? [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Author’s Note: I’m so happy this is done omg. I’ve been slowly working on it over like the last week and it’s been such slow going because I’ve hit a rut with my creativity, both when it comes to writing and drawing. And it suuuucks. But I finally managed to draw some things today and it inspired me to power through this fic and get it out of the way, as it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and really wanted to write. So I hope you like it. ^^ 

Word Count: 7,014

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My Plot Bunny - Lydia Wayne

“That’s cute. You think you’re scary. But mister, I’ve seen scary, and you ain’t got his smile.”

Lydia Wayne’s life has always been full of expectations. That’s the price of being the heir to Wayne Enterprises, the largest company in Gotham City. Lydia has been preparing her whole life to inevitably take on the mantle of running her family’s company, has acted the part of wholesome and well-behaved for as long as she can remember. And she had always, always known that one day her parents would step down and the company would be hers. 

But then her parents are murdered, and one day is now. All the responsibility that Lydia never wanted is suddenly thrust upon her whether she likes it or not. And she accepts it, grudgingly, because it is what her parents would have wanted and it’s what her little brother Bruce expects, and anyway nobody has ever really cared what Lydia wanted, so why should they start now? 

Enter Jerome Valeska, who is walking temptation and effortlessly draws Lydia in with promises of freedom. He appeals to a darker part of herself that Lydia never knew existed and it seems, suddenly, as if Lydia might be able to choose what route she takes towards her future after all. And it might not be the one her parents wanted for her.

So I have this headcanon for Gotham, that when Oswald becomes a crime lord again, he takes Ed to his suit tailor and is like We’re gonna get you a nice suit because real men murder in style and Ed is all like Ooooh I’m so excited and Oswald is all happy that Ed’s finally going to stop looking like a dork but then Ed comes out of the tailor in this BRIGHT ASS GREEN suit (because this is the Riddler everyone) and Oswald is all like Jesus Christ why and the tailor is like I’m so sorry he insisted on this I couldn’t stop him please don’t kill me and my family.


30 Days of The Gotham Rogues Challenge!
Day 8: First Batman/Gotham Movie You Watched

Because I watched Batman ‘89 on VHS a few dozen times as a child, the experience of seeing the movie itself in inseparable from the ads that preceded the film on the tape. I’m sad that they’re not included as an optional introduction on the DVD.

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Could you do a story of faith surviving and when they all go back to Scotland, they somehow come across Leoaghrie who sees the baby with Claire and Jamie and gets even more jealous and then plots to steal faith to hurt Claire and hope Jamie will follow her (because she's an idiot like that)

Their journey from France had been a sombre one, quiet and slow as Jamie led Claire, Faith, Murtagh and Fergus to Leoch first instead of Lallybroch. After his pardon Colum had reached out to him, invited him to come back to the castle for a celebration. Jamie could sense his uncle had an ulterior motive, but he wasn’t fashed about it.

“I think he just wants to ken where my loyalties lie now, aye? Maybe hint at returning home to settle. But he doesna need to, there will be no more war for us, Sassenach.” He had reassured Claire as they rode onwards.

Finally, the witch was asleep. Laoghaire had followed Jamie and Claire in the shadows as they’d been shown to their rooms. They were only to be at Leoch for the day so she had little time to act. The wee demon Claire swaddled to her breast had the Fraser eyes, the one thing that pulled Laoghaire up short, but one look at her dark brown curly locks gave her away. The same shade as that whore of a mother. She’d show her, take the babe away, blame its loss on Claire and sweep in to steal Jamie in the aftermath, when lost to his anger and grief.

She hid in the alcove as Jamie settled Claire and Faith before leaving her to meet with Colum. Now was her chance. She snuck into their chamber, smiled at the sight of Claire asleep and crept towards the bassinet. The wean slept on its back, its wee body wrapped tight in blankets. She reached into the crib as if to take her, Laoghaire’s hands coming oh so close to Faith.

Before she could act Claire turned, her gaze hard as she flung herself across the room.

“Don’t. You. Dare.” She spat, taking wee Faith against her chest and holding her close. “You spiteful brat! Don’t you dare even come near to my child!”

Laoghaire stuttered and stumbled backwards, her arms suddenly gripped by two unseen men. Jamie had returned with Murtagh and Angus just in time to find his wife and Laoghaire at odds. The men held the lassie as he looked between them, seeing the protective stance Claire had adopted, their wee bairn cradled in her arms.

“I…” She began, meaning to clear her name.

“Dinna even speak to me! Take her to Colum, Murtagh. She isna to be allowed free whilst we remain here, do ye hear!?” He growled at Angus, making sure he got the message loud and clear. “Uncle or no’, I willna stand for this…this behaviour. I kent ye followed us, Laoghaire. Do ye think me daft? I wouldna leave my family unprotected! No’ again.”

He didn’t look upon her again as she was taken away, he simply went to Claire and held her and Faith close. Leaving only a few moments for Laoghaire to be taken far away, he then packed them up and bundled them out of that wretched place and back to Lallybroch. To home, and to safety. He’d left instruction for Murtagh to stay on his behalf to make sure Laoghaire felt the full repercussions of her actions, he would not allow her to escape unpunished.

Murtagh followed a few days later, took Jamie aside and confirmed it was done, the wicked bitch wouldn’t be able to harm him or his family ever again.

In his arms Faith slept on, unperturbed by the recent goings on. She was small and fragile but strong, in time she would become a fair lassie, with a large heart and a thick skin. Those who meant her harm would be no match for her courage and skill, just like her mamma. Jamie watched as she buried her nose deeper into his shirt, looking so much like Claire as she did so.

“Bless ye, my first born, I’ll let no evil touch ye. Ye have my word.” The wind whipped up around him, the leaves fluttering and catching in the draft as he spoke, the tall trees surrounding Lallybroch shedding as summer turned into autumn. In that moment he could feel his parents’ embrace.


Crap that’s all I can fit. There was also 3 little girls as the Powerpuff Girls.

MTAC Saturday–The Cosplayers.

From top to bottom: Honey from Space Dandy, my Adventure Time babies (from left to right, Princess Bubblegum, Ice Queen, Marceline, and Flame Princess), Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Elsa from Frozen, thug lyfe Attack on Titan, Boy Scout and Girl Scout from WTNV, Kevin and Cecil from WTNV, the Party Bears, Gotham City Bunnies, Dandy from Space Dandy, and Mew.

Good Times | Closed

Bunny sat on the bench and rubbed her stomach. “I’m fine…just tired….” she fanned herself. “Your little bunny rabbit is tiring mama rabbit out…can we go home and take a small nap in the meadow like the d days?” She asked, looking up at Jack.

Lola was getting ansty on the train. “Bugs I wanna get off so bad! I miss them…”

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"Bunny, my love. It's time to pick up the kids from the train station. Are you ready?" Gothams-new-rabbit


Bunny smiled and got up from putting on her shoes. “Yes I am! Let’s go!” She held his hand so he can lead the way. “Our little bunny is so active today. She must be ready to meet the family.”