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Got This Sin in Her Brain [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Author’s Note: I would greet y’all a Happy Valentine’s Day since this is a Valentine’s Day fic, but… it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore lol. I did start writing it the day of, to be fair, but it took a while since I haven’t written prose lately (more poetry, for class) and by the time I finished it was past 1! Hope this is okay. I was liking it when I first started but as I gradually got more tired I wasn’t sure if what I wrote was even good haha.

Word Count: 2,417

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30 Days of The Gotham Rogues Challenge!
Day 8: First Batman/Gotham Movie You Watched

Because I watched Batman ‘89 on VHS a few dozen times as a child, the experience of seeing the movie itself in inseparable from the ads that preceded the film on the tape. I’m sad that they’re not included as an optional introduction on the DVD.


endless list of plot bunnies :: cordelia banks, deathbeds

    Everyone knew who Cordelia Banks was in Gotham City. She was a daughter of Frederick Banks and a friend of the Waynes. There was no one in Gotham who didn’t know Cordelia Banks or her family, they were one of the richest families in Gotham City. It was no surprise to the public they had close ties with the Waynes or the Falcones.

However, they also had dark secrets beneath the surface and that suppose was one of the reasons for Frederick Banks’ death. It’s been two years since the newspapers hit the front page of ‘Frederick Banks found dead with no following leads’. There were rumours and gossips flying around the streets of his death, but no one knew. No one really knew how and why the man died, not even his wife or daughter.

That, however, was what the citizens of Gotham knew. Cordelia Banks on the other hand? Oh, there was darkness inside of her that she knew how to hide with an easy.

It was a shame that Bruce Wayne’s parents got murder in cold blood. Cordelia Banks sends her condolences to the boy who lived.

(Only because she was paid to hire a guy to kill two instead of all three.)

Who’s the Boss? [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Author’s Note: I’m so happy this is done omg. I’ve been slowly working on it over like the last week and it’s been such slow going because I’ve hit a rut with my creativity, both when it comes to writing and drawing. And it suuuucks. But I finally managed to draw some things today and it inspired me to power through this fic and get it out of the way, as it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and really wanted to write. So I hope you like it. ^^ 

Word Count: 7,014

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So I have this headcanon for Gotham, that when Oswald becomes a crime lord again, he takes Ed to his suit tailor and is like We’re gonna get you a nice suit because real men murder in style and Ed is all like Ooooh I’m so excited and Oswald is all happy that Ed’s finally going to stop looking like a dork but then Ed comes out of the tailor in this BRIGHT ASS GREEN suit (because this is the Riddler everyone) and Oswald is all like Jesus Christ why and the tailor is like I’m so sorry he insisted on this I couldn’t stop him please don’t kill me and my family.


Crap that’s all I can fit. There was also 3 little girls as the Powerpuff Girls.

MTAC Saturday–The Cosplayers.

From top to bottom: Honey from Space Dandy, my Adventure Time babies (from left to right, Princess Bubblegum, Ice Queen, Marceline, and Flame Princess), Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Elsa from Frozen, thug lyfe Attack on Titan, Boy Scout and Girl Scout from WTNV, Kevin and Cecil from WTNV, the Party Bears, Gotham City Bunnies, Dandy from Space Dandy, and Mew.

...Just Once?

( @gothams-new-rabbit )

Bunny woke up from a wonderful night’s sleep. 
She smiled, seeing the Spring breeze blow into the open windows, the white curtains swaying softly.

She looked down and saw the white sheets and pink rose pedals all over the bed she slept in. She climbed out of bed, and went over to Jack’s closet, looking at his clothes and putting on one of his pink button up shirts. She rolled up the sleeves and walked out of the room.

Going into the living room, Bunny smiled, seeing Jack sip his tea and read his thick book in the quiet morning. Birds were chirping outside, and the windows were also open. 
Even seeing the back of Jack’s head gave her butterflies. She bit her lip and silently gathered herself together before walking over to him quietly. “Watcha reading?” She spoke, smiling softly, walking even closer, but when he looked back to her, she stopped walking and held herself. 

Good Times | Closed

Bunny sat on the bench and rubbed her stomach. “I’m fine…just tired….” she fanned herself. “Your little bunny rabbit is tiring mama rabbit out…can we go home and take a small nap in the meadow like the d days?” She asked, looking up at Jack.

Lola was getting ansty on the train. “Bugs I wanna get off so bad! I miss them…”

The Day I Say I Do | Closed

Bunny woke up one morning, and sat up in the bed. “Jack.” She spoke, gently shaking him before going back to lay down and kiss him tenderly on the lips. “Come on…wake up.”
Crawling on his pelvis, she sat on his lower back, gently scratching at his back. “Guess what tomorrow is! That’s right! It’s the day I say ‘I do’! And that means I can’t see you until tomorrow!” She giggled. “Baby~ come on, wake up!” Bunny playfully bounced on him. They just robbed a jewelry store the night before, and mated on the roof like always, then mated on the stolen items at home. Jewels were all over the bed. “Are you excited, sleepy pants?”