While traveling the world for training, young Bruce Wayne spent time at Haley’s circus wishing to be trained in acrobatics. He was tutored primarily by John and Mary Grayson though he also got help from their young son Dick. Years later Bruce received free tickets in the mail from his old friends, letting him know the circus was visiting Gotham.


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Fandom Game

Rules: post your ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms

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1. Sh*meless–Mickey Milkovich

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2. Queer As Folk–Emmett Honeycutt

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3. Orange is the New Black–Alex Vause

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4. Gotham–Edward Nygma

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5. Sex Education–Eric

6. Big Mouth–Mory/Connie

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7. Degrassi–Manny Santos

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8. Harry Potter–Hermione Granger

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9. Death Note–L

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10. Game of Thrones–Ellaria Sand

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