goth winklepickers

i really missed dressing up. I felt like 2016 was such a crap year that i wasnt able to be myself. This is my first outfit post of 2017 and this year i want to work extra hard on art and fashion because they are two very important things to me that have gotten me through a lot.

I needed to doodle more pastel goth Togami and Naegi and then my hand slipped and it became pastel goth Naegami whoops.
I’ll probably draw more shenanigans later.
My Naegi rp blog is so flooded with notes I can’t see the dash anymore because of the question from Togami, help.
And yes, Togami’s glasses are coffin shaped.

Simple, witchy and layered for a weird winter day. Wearing no makeup besides eyebrows.

In my part of Australia, this winter has been incredibly strange. We have had the hottest winter day, the coldest winter day and also one of the quickest temperature drops on record. The weather is really messed up.

Top: Shein
Cardigan: Punk Rave
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Restyle
Belt: Killstar
Shoes: Underground