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this took so long, and it feels like a waste cuz i only like how craig and damien turned out also i kinda like cult joseph, anyway,,,

Dream Daddy Headcanon #8

Dads React #2

Part 1: So, you guys know Thomas Sanders? Well, he has a show that is known as Sanders Sides where he talks to the sides of him that make him… him. All the kids love Sanders Sides, and they had sat their dads down to watch an episode or two of Sanders Sides. These are their reactions.

Robert: He keeps on watching these episodes and snorts at some of these jokes. At the end of the videos he looks at Val, “… Who is this guy, and why does he get me?”

Damien: His laughter keeps on growing, especially when he watches his favorite one. “Oh my, I think I’m tearing up.

Craig: He watches these videos before when Briar and Hazel are watching them and he joined in, but reacting to them is like he’s watching them for the first time.

Jospeh: He snickers at all the dad jokes and instantly has a favorite.

Mat: “OH MY MY MISS AMERICAN PIE, I love this guy!”

Hugo: He snickers a bit and keeps nodding at these videos. “This is a very accurate representation of the human brain. Let me tell you, son-”

Brian: He treats this as a Try Not To Laugh Challenge, but keeps on laughing at this comedy gold. “I gotta get better at my Dad Jokes.”

Part 2: These are the characters that they relate to the most: (Out of Anxiety[Virgil], Morality[Patton], Creativity[Roman], and Logic[Logan]

Robert: Virgil and Patton

Damien: Roman, Patton, Virgil

Craig: Logan, Patton, Roman

Joseph: Patton, Roman

Mat: “Yes. Just yes.”

Hugo: Patton, Logan

Brian: Patton, Virgil. (Although he has a soft spot for Roman, especially since Roman and Virgil are basic rivals)

Everybody loves Patton, because they are all Dads, and aim to be just like Patton. (Patton is a precious cinnamon roll)

Dream Daddy Headcanon #6

If Dream Daddy had been set in a magic world, here are the Daddies as magical creatures: (These choices are based on their personalities and/or appearance, and if you guys have better suggestions, send me a message. ^^)

Robert: Minotaur (Has a mean streak, friendly when you’re on his good side, and loves a good drink)
Damien: Vampire (Pretty obvious)
Craig: Beast-man[Either Tiger-man, or Wolf-man] (He is hot fitness, and a BEAST)
Joseph: Doppelganger (I just finished watching the secret ending, and I was shocked. But he’s not really a demon, he has two sides to him. He has a nice side, then his sadistic, evil side.)
Mat: Satyr (Musician, kind mischievous. shy at first)
Hugo: Half-Dragon (Since Dragons have hordes, and very guarded, and strong)
Brian: Half-Orc (I just can’t stop picturing him as a hot bear as an orc.)

Also, I am kinda interested when they will update Dream Daddy to have that secret ending, and then the unlocking of the new Daddy, Sleuth Dad: Saul Graves. But that can be a totally different post entirely

Damien : What you don’t know is I’m am IT guy who loves puppies but refuses to get one because I deeply respect my son

Joseph : What you don’t know is I’m actually not in a stable marriage, my children are probably possessed. The only sane one is my wife and she’s an alcoholic. Oh, by the way, I’m gonna try and kill you for my satanic cult, but don’t worry cause I’m still your pure church youth minister

Damien : Joseph N O-


Goth Minister - Dark Side