goth gils

Hey guys, so I have a word document which I would update with AD formspring answers in a bullet point list and I thought I’d share them on here for you all.
I don’t have the screenshots of the asks themselves to prove them true, but here you go either way. Long list ahead with more under the cut.


  • Most likely to be oblivious to the idea of being walked back home after date.
  • Most likely to win a race due to others trying to trip one another up and not realising until it was too late.
  • Most likely to snort when she laughs.
  • Likes getting her hair brushed the most.
  • Drawer appeared on her chest after Gil bandaged her up. 
  • Scars on arms are a result of Wrathia’s aim being off.
  • Ava’s home planet was a Titan-made planet for the re-education of relocated lifeforms of worlds purchased by the corporation. Ava was separated from her parents during the process of being relocated.
  • Chests in her mind contain memories, feeling, emotions and thoughts.
  • If Pedri had been her demon, she’d be dead by now.
  • Was blonde before her hair turned red.

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