goth flower

  1. Helleborus Winter Jewel // Onyx Oddyssey
  2. Helleborus X Hybridus Winter Thrillers // Grape Galaxy
  3. Chocolate Cosmos
  4. Black Calla Lily
  5. Asiatic Lily
  6. Black Velvet Petunia
  7. Karma Choc Dahlia 

Just a few flowers I’d put in the “goth section” of my dream garden, alongside gargoyles. I’d probably throw in some Persian shield for foliage, maybe some other dark coleus. 

fairy-like habits & self care tips ❀

❀ wander around barefoot, especially in the grass (please be cautious though!)

❀ sip some tea and admire little details about your surroundings – i promise you there’s always something to enjoy even when it doesn’t seem like it

❀ take a shower and sing out loud until all your bad thoughts flutter away

❀ blow dandelion seeds

❀  go for a long walk and collect things that fascinate you along the way, whether it be an old coin, feathers, flowers or lost trinkets. start a collection.

❀ sit in your natural state, learn to love your naked body with no make-up, nail polish, and your hair down.

❀ smile at yourself in the mirror

❀ play some instrumental or classical music (suggestion: yayo instrumental by lana del rey, it’s magical)

❀ sprinkle a little glitter in your hair, in a bath, or in dull areas of your room

❀ doodle things a fairy would see in their day to day lives, berries, flowers, leaves, creatures, butterflies, etc

❀ spend time with an animal friend, have a conversation with them

❀ wear your favourite dress casually, don’t be afraid to leave the house in it

❀ wear flowers in your hair around the house

❀ coat your lips in honey

❀ buy plenty of fresh fruit (especially berries) and enjoy

➳ i hope this inspires you to take care of yourself. requests on habits & tips (or more) are greatly appreciated!