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My outfits from Sakura-Con- days 2, 1, and 3 respectively! It says “Sweet Dreams” on the day 3 pic because I am, in fact, asleep in that picture. I was soooo tired. It was super fun though! I met a ton of amazing people and made some cool new friends! 😄✨🌸 

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This is kind of random, but... why do you think Danny Phantom does so well with crossovers in fanfictions? I know there is the "Ghost Zone linking through time and space", and that is a valid explanation (when it comes to needing an explanation for dimensional traveling), but... I'm not sure it's the whole reason. I mean... got any tips on figuring this out? Or I'm throwing the bone too far away? Cheers!

No, I agree with you. There’s definitely something there.

I think it’s a combination of factors. For starters, DP fans allow themselves to be very unrestricted by the source material. We bend the rules and rewrite things all the time. In fact, it’s come to be expected. Each fic or comic writer will set up their own rules for their version of the world, and it’s easy for readers to accept that. As a result, mixing with other worlds is easy.

The other thing that I think makes it work is all the different aspects of DP that you can explore. Interested in looking at the superhero angle? There are entire blogs dedicated to seeing how Danny would fit into the Justice League or Avengers. Wanna see Danny interacting with other kids who have to deal with balancing some secret powers and school life? That’s why the Secret Trio exists. The supernatural angle allows for a lot of possible interactions. If a world can conceivably have ghosts, there’s no reason DP characters couldn’t exist in that world as well.

There are also a variety of character types that could make crossover interactions interesting. Danny could come across other half humans, and they’d have a lot to talk about. Tucker or Jazz could could come across brilliant minds similar to theirs. Sam could run into other goths at conventions or social justice activists at rallies. Or heck, her folks could be invited to the Northwest party in GF, and she could meet Pacifica. That’d be interesting since, in a lot of ways, Pacifica is the type of person Sam can’t stand, but could easily relate to if she got to know her better. Have Dani meet some other clones or artificially created people from other franchises.

I think it comes down to everything we love about DP to begin with. There are a ton of possibilities that can be explored, and there’s no reason that can’t apply to crossovers, too. At least, that’s my theory. There are probably other factors that I haven’t considered, but hopefully this is enough.

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Gerard Way is like one of those candy that look appealing and then when you see inside it gets even better and the best thing is that he doesn’t contain toxic things like some candy does.


parts of two of my three photo shoots from AMA<3

done by yenra photography :D

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