goth and good music !


And if I go out tonight, dress up my fears
You think I’ll look alright with these mascara tears? 😭😭😭
See I’m gonna draw my lipstick wider than my mouth 👄💋🎶



If you like Linea Aspera, you will enjoy Keluar too. They sound similar. It is modern darkwave music. I like several albums, Keluar, Vitreum and Ennoea. If you like modern darkwave, this artist is worth checking!

babypeche respondeu a sua postagem “to fic writers that mention songs in their fics: I google it, I listen…”

you should 900% make a playlist of all the songs you found bc of otayuri fic

Just did! It’s not done yet, and there are a few songs I can’t find on spotify. I’ll be updating it whenever I find new music in otayuri fics.



This is another great goth band. I really like LONDON 86. More great songs from this band are Never Tried, Nearly Perfect, Changes and Beneath The Golden Sun. 


Another clip of the awesome #AbneyPark because the #violist is really, really good!

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