The Model Series #41 Red Carpets Together

Harry: The Grammys are a big event and you were thrilled Harry invited you to be his date for the night. Usually only the boys were allowed by management to attend, but this time Zayn made it clear he would have Perrie sitting next to him or would refuse to attend so management changed their minds. You were thrilled, so bored with attending the same red carpets over and over again. The paparazzi went absolutely nuts when you and Harry stepped out of the SUV, four more trailing behind you to let out the rest of the boys and their dates for the nights. You posed with Harry, posed by yourself, posed with the other girlfriends, even took a picture with the entire party of people. “I think you and Harry win best-dressed!” Sophia gushes as you wait for the boys to finish their photos. “Thank you, he does have a great sense of style that I take absolutely no credit for!” You joke and she laughs, pulling out her iPhone to take a selfie for Instagram with you and Eleanor. Harry, in a rare Instagram appearance, comments on her photo with a simple “Gorgeous xx" and even posts a paparazzi photo of you alone in your custom Valentino dress captioning it "Rosy lace beauty”. 

Louis: The Met Gala was one of your favorite events of all time and you were even more excited that Louis would be in town to escort you. The boys had retained a long-standing invitation from Anna Wintour, and you were always invited seeing as you were one of Anna’s go-to models for Vogue. “You’ll do great!” You assure Lou in the car. You find it adorable that he’s nervous. “I don’t know babe, fashion isn’t my thing. Music is my thing, I don’t even know if what I’m wearing is….” You silence him with a finger to his lips. “The theme this year is Goth, Louis. What you’re wearing is perfect!” Soon, he’s helping you out of the SUV and you walk hand-in-hand down the infamous carpet, waving at familiar star faces and checking out all the fashion dos-and-don'ts present on the carpet. You love the combination of your edgy dress with the dark lipstick plus your hair, finding it intoxicatingly sexy and totally ‘fashionable Goth’ as Anna calls it. Turns out, Louis is high on the Fashion Dos list for the night and the majority of bloggers don’t like your dress, calling it “trashy”. “The fuck do I care?” You ask, using your seldom-seen 'sassy’ side that Louis loves when a red carpet consultant asks you how it feels to be a Fashion Don’t. “It’s sexy babe,” Louis agrees with you, his hands cheekily feeling your bare midriff.

Zayn: “Boybander Malik and Top Model [Y/L/N]: Double Date at the British Fashion Awards!" You and Zayn were both nominated for different awards at the British Fashion Awards, an honor you’ve dreamt of since you were little. You were up for "Model of the Year”, an award that has gone to models such as Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss. Zayn was up for the esteemed “British Style Award”, often awarded to Alexa Chung and previously won by Harry. “I’m so excited!” You confess to Zayn as you sit at your table when Twiggy, the first-ever supermodel, comes onstage to announce the winners. “Victoria’s Secret Model [Y/N] [Y/L/N] Wins Model of the Year at British Fashion Awards Wearing Victoria Beckham”/“One Direction Has Style! Member Zayn Malik is Second to Capture the British Style Award at the Annual British Fashion Awards" You beam every time you click on the two articles about the two of you winning your respective awards, the articles cross-examining your fashion sense and his, mentioning how "fashionable of a couple you are”. “We’re a damn hot couple, Zayn,” you say one morning, reading the articles for the fourth time. He winks at you.

Niall: “Hey it’s a pink carpet! Hot!” You giggle at Niall as you step onto the pink carpet for the annual VS Fashion show. The rest of the angels are wearing dresses, the most clothing they’ll have on their bodies all day long. You notice several of the girls, the majority of them Pink brand models (aka the younger 'junior’ angels) checking Niall out. A flare of jealousy threatened to show on your face when you noticed Niall took no notice of them, eyes only for you. His hand found its familiar place around your waist and you relaxed instantly. You hoped Niall didn’t notice your near-jealous attack as you smile for the paparazzi crowding the carpet and snap photos with your fellow Angels and friends. You move off the carpet and towards the back staging area, Niall dropping you at your dressing room before taking his front-row seat for the fashion show. “Don’t be jealous Princess, my eyes are for you only,” he mumbles quickly, kissing your forehead before he leaves. You blush slightly, mostly a love blush creeping over your cheeks. He’s the absolute best, you think. 

Liam: You were absolutely thrilled when your modeling agent called you and asked if you would be interested in doing a movie. You immediately said yes, not even knowing what the film was. It was a small role in a film where you played the highly-trained assassin best friend of another assassin that gets romantically involved with an enemy. You had a few stunts that you enjoyed filming and Liam found it funny that when he and the boys were shooting their spy commercial for their new fragrance you were doing the same thing for the movie. He accompanied you to the movie premiere and as you moved from one interview to the next, Liam sneakily snapped a picture of the back of your dress and posted it on Twitter with a smile heart emoji caption. “This is amazing!” You whisper to Liam as the credits begin to roll on your movie. “You were amazing babe, so talented!” You blush at his words and he reaches over for a kiss, a fan that won a ticket in a radio contest snapping a photo of the two of you smooching in the theater to post on Twitter. But you didn’t care, the movie was a big success and you loved showing off your adventurous side to Liam.

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