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(Spoilers for GotG 2)

I just realized – although he threatened, yelled at and punched Peter, Yondu always, always found a way (or let Peter find a way) to make himself forgive the boy, and made it so that the crew would have to accept that forgiveness.

Despite everything Peter put him through, Yondu cared enough to put a bounty on his head that said clearly “ALIVE” to ensure that Peter wouldn’t be killed.

Despite everything, he went and bought a Zune for Peter, thinking, hoping that Peter would come back at some point so that he could give it to him.

Yondu made sure that Peter always could come back to Eclector and call it his home. He gave Peter a home to return to. And he made very clear that he wanted Peter to return to it.

Whereas, in a very similar yet completely different manner, Stakar exiled Yondu from the Ravagers, wanting nothing more to do with him. Yondu didn’t have a place to return to anymore should things go south.

Yondu didn’t have a home anymore, but he made sure that Peter always would have one.

can you believe that Marvel manages to defy expectations and continue making high quality content for the MCU

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

Okay, but if Peter and Yondu ever, somehow, miraculously, meet up one more time – perhaps due to a near-death-experience by Peter, or in a dream, or something – then I want them to have a peaceful, happy time filled with laughter. Yes, they have a lot to talk about, still, but they are both not that great at talking things out, and I wish for them to have just a relaxed moment and memory together. Top notch would be if they are just being childish or even play something.

And I know that is not very in-character, especially for Yondu, but first of all, Yondu deserves some laughter and happiness and carelessness once in his life… and second, I don’t want Peter’s only “playtime” with a father figure to be with Ego. ‘Cause Ego is a jackass and he shouldn’t be the one Peter has happy memories of playing baseball with Dad of. It should be Yondu.

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