gotg movie

I don’t know what we did this year to deserve Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman and Spider-man Homecoming all in the same year, but I’m not gonna complain.

Has anyone considered a Guardians of the Galaxy AU yet?
Please consider:

Lance in the role of Peter/Star-Lord: Charming, roguish pilot  (and unsuccessful flirt) a long way from home.  Was taken from his home as a child after his mother dies; his walkman and mixtape are his only connections to home.  He was taken by mercenary gang (known as the Garrison), who were originally contracted to take Lance to his father. 

Keith as Gamora: A talented assassin whose family was killed when he was a child.  He was “adopted” and trained by Zarkon, before rebelling when he learned of Sendak’s plan to destroy Altea.  

Hunk as Groot: Intelligent and honestly the most lovable of the group. The most hesitant to enter a fight, but one of the strongest fighters on the team. The last of his people (whether or not he’s flora colossus is yet undetermined).  Been a bounty-hunting duo with Pidge for years.  Talented engineer and mechanic.

Pidge as Rocket: Small and a genius (not a raccoon, but maybe along the lines of Gremlin Pidge? Or not idk).  Always ready to fight and sensitive about being called small.  Can make weapons out of anything (and if Hunk’s helping - watch out). Currently working as a bounty hunter with Hunk even as Pidge is looking for their father and brother.

Shiro as Drax: Extremely strong and skilled close combat fighter. When on a job with Sam and Matt, they were captured by Sendak - which is why he has such a grudge against him.  Unbeknownst to each other, Shiro has been searching for Sam and Matt, just like Pidge.

Allura: Princess of Xander and leader of the Nova Corps. Has taken over role after the death of her father at the hands of the Galra. Later coordinates Voltron’s (GotG’s) missions

Coran: Member of Nova Corps and Allura’s second in command

Zarkon: Thanos

Sendak: Ronan the Accuser

Haggar: A more nefarious Collector

Altea: Xander, home of Nova Corps

Balmera: Knowhere