gotg movie

you know what I really enjoy about the GotG movie

Peter swears like a somewhat sheltered preteen who thinks he’s getting away with something. Like otherwise his vocabulary seems to have developed normally but when he swears it’s in the same lexicon that he had before his abduction. “I may be an a-hole but I’m not 100% a dick” sounds like something a fifth grader would say when he thought the teacher wasn’t listening, and that’s great.

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Four Assorted Items from Peter Quill's Rucksack

Spoiler-free GOTG movie fic! But under a readmore just to be safe.

You’re kind of obsessed with Captain America. Don’t tell anyone. He’s cool, is all- with the shield and the bright colours and the standing up for justice. The other boys say he’s lame, but that’s just because they prefer the comics with the foil covers and shiny holograms, and you turn up your nose at them- partly out of taste, and partly because Mom couldn’t afford them for you.

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